Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Damn I can't believe I only posted once this month. Anyway, it's my third week into work and all is swell. In fact, it's doing so well, I'm training someone tomorrow. I don't know how someone who's only been in the field for 3 weeks train, but I guess I'm doing it!

I don't think I've complained enough about the traffic around here, have I? Well let me give you some details:
On a really really good day (i.e., Holiday), it takes me approximately 30 minutes to get to work. Not bad eh? On a normal good day, it'll take me 45 minutes. On an AVERAGE day, about an hour. On a crap day, one hour and fifteen freaking fuckity fuck minutes. I'm telling you, that extra fifteen minutes really gets to me. It took my coworker 2 hours to get to work! I think I would start crying if it took me 2 hours to get to work when it is suppose to take me 30 minutes.

I really thought I've accepted the traffic here... I know, there are a lot of people, a lot of cars, cops are out to get you, I get it, I get it... I actually have not had road rage yet. I actually get that more when Mr. Man T is driving and I'm on the passenger side.

Anyway, VA drivers, you cannot blame all of the traffic on the speed limit (55mph, btw, VA highway are for wimps, haha- that should be their new logo, instead of VA is for lovers, it should be, VA is for wimpy drivers!) You cannot blame it on cops who pull you over for going over by only 5 mph. By the way, I have yet to be pulled over, knockonwood. Instead, I've noticed you VA drivers lack the "street knowledge" of driving, so... if there are any VA readers out there, please obtain this info and pass it along to your loved ones so we can all get to work a little faster and the world will be a better place.

55MPH means to go AT LEAST 55MPH, NOT SLOWER.
Left lane FAST LANE, right lane SLOW LANE. That equals RIGHT LANE=55MPH
If you're driving on the left lane and someone on the right lane is passing you? That's a clue to get out of the left lane.
If you are not exiting stay the hell out of the right lane when an exit is coming up.
When you are exiting the highway, there is no reason for you to be braking unless the exit ramp is a curve. ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.
You do not need to leave a space the size of a football field in between you and the car in front of you.
If and when you do get into an accident, exchange information, move on. You do NOT have to wait for the freaking cops, because in the mean time, your blocking traffic to dwindle down to 2 lanes and therefore, the cops aren't going to get to you within the next hour.
I know you're lost, i can't blame you, 45% of the streets name here has the name "Fair" in it. Come on Fairfax, get over yourself, even if you ARE lost, try pulling over or speed the hell up, because you going 2 mph makes me want to ram your ass.
Speaking of 2MPH, did you know you could make turns as you're going over 2MPH. Seriously, the gas pedal is your friend.
Your yield sign means that YOU YIELD FOR ME.


Hey did everyone have a good Valentine's day? Presidents Day? Fat Tuesday? Chinese New Year? And any other holidays/celebrations I may have missed?!?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

GMail Dad

I still remember the day my pops was all like, take my credit card and go buy your little sisters a computer and if it is cheap buy me one too. I was like uHHh ookay, thinking the last time he used my laptop was to look at other Vietnamese girls in those dating websites where he would show my mom the girls' pictures. Crazy! So I got him a desktop and set up a gmail account for him so he can be cool. I also set one up for my mom, but she seems to not like checking it for some reason.

Anyway, I have a crap load of siblings, 6 to be exact, 2 older, 4 younger. My dad, seriously, only talks to me. My mom seems to love everyone else equally, but my dad doesn't really say hi to anyone when he sees them, except for his grandchildren, but I don't blame him, they are cute as hell. In any case, moving to VA has now made me the one who lives the furthest. I also have the VA area code, so my parents can't call me from the home phone (no long distance carrier) unless they have a calling card. Plus, my dad got pissed at Verizon Wireless and cancelled his cellphone... so I get emails from my dad now.

These emails don't really tell me how he's doing or he doesn't ask me how I'm doing or anything... these emails are about things that he can definitely ask his other children but for some reason just chooses not to. Even the ones that live with him!!
He also writes them in half Vietnamese half English. I don't know where he got the idea that I know how to read Vietnamese from. Must be all the Karaoking...

The first email I got from him he wanted me to tell him what to do with a letter he got from the state and proceeded to copy down what the letter said. I really wonder how long it took him to type that. Anyway, I had to respond back to him (in Vietnamese) and then ask him, why the heck didn't he just ask one of the twins?? and reminded him that they too speak English.

The second email I got from him, he had in the subject line, "your mom cry". Way to go on getting someone's attention.

The third email, told me to call my brothers and sisters that were back in my home town and who has a local number to join him and my mom for her birthday celebration. I'm like what the? What??

So I just forwarded the email.

Either he really hates his other kids or he thinks I'm some sort of Administrative Assistant for him.