Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Cycle of Life

On Death:
I found out that my first bf passed away recently. I suddenly remembered a lot of things I never realized I would've. My first hand holding, first set of late night phone calls, first kiss and first tears I cried because of a boy. You know what I could imagine so clearly in my mind? What his death certificate would look like. I've looked at so many throughout the past months, I know which information would've been added. Manner of death: Accident. It is sad and I'm sure he will be greatly missed. RestInPeaceuntilyourreincarnation: Cao

On Living:
I realized I've been giving out my address all wrong, ooops! I'm a ditz.

On Living (kind of):
I know I thought of this before... and I'm pretty sure I've posted on it, but man... me not going to school OR working, is making my brain turn into mush. I really can't do this much longer. I know a lot of you probably think I'm crazy for actually wanting to work but trust me, having money come in is a security that lets you enjoy life more.

On Cooking:
I know on previous posts I talked about Mr. Man T being a fabulous cook so I definitely should be posting about what I've been eating lately! That will come. I've also picked up cooking (for some reason I can't sleep past 2pm so I have to do something). From Mr. Man T's aunt, I've semi-learned how to make Banh Cuon, which is a doughy like substance (made out of flour) eaten with meat and cha (Vietnamese version of spam?). I will definitely post my step by step moves on this later. Mr. Man T was going crazy with that camera. All in all it came out pretty good, but the aunt pretty much made it fool proof for me. hehe. I believe she showed me the easy way, where you just cook the flour on a pan. There's also a steam version, but man... my poor fingers, I've never held my fingers so close to a hot pan before in my life. Cooking is a dangerous sport!

On Baking:
We seriously spent over 100 dollars on baking products, all because of cupcakeblog
courtesy of chockylit an amazing engineer by day baker by night who has graciously lent the world her recipes. We first tried her Vietnamese inspired recipe, Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes. Have you guys ever had Cafe Sua Da? Well have it as a cupcake. It came out pretty good, sweeter than I thought it would, the aroma of the coffee was probably the best part for me. Look at how small and cute my cupcakes came out to be!! We did not do the condensed milk pudding or the whipped cream topping since we decided it was actually pretty sweet enough. However, we did dip the cupcakes with sweetened condensed milk and that shit was deeeeeeeeeelish!!!
Check out the blog, it has great easy to follow directions and pictures.

On Eating:
I'm definitely gaining more weight. I can't help it, food is so good and so freaking readily available around here. You ever go food shopping and you're so freaking hungry you buy everything in the store and try to get the hell out of there so you can go home and eat it all? Well around here, you don't have to. A new and freaking spectacular Whole Foods Market just recently opened a few blocks down from us. This place is like a world on its own. True, you can't get regular Coke but... fresh sushi/Japanese food? Check! A full menu of cheese and wine? Check! Sandwiches? Check! Pizza? Check! Fresh seafood meals? Check! Gelato!??! CHECK!!!!!! Eat and then shop, all in one.....ahhhhhhhh...
Mr. Man T pretty much felt like he died and went to heaven. Well those are my words, his words were, WE CAN'T MOVE AWAY FROM HERE!!!!!
When you guys come visit me, Whole Foods will be one of the first places I take you to go "sight-see" hehe.
BTW: CEO of Whole Foods, also blogs and they are now #5 on Fortune's Top 100 companies to work for. See honey, I told you you should work there.

On Marriage:
A bunch of people that I and Mr. Man T know are freaking getting married, it's crazy! 'Tis the age, 'tis the age... anyway I'm super happy for those girls. What? I don't know the guys! Anyway, Mr. Man T's younger brother is also about to pop the question. (If he hasn't done so already.) In Hawaii. How rrrrromantic. I can't wait to hear the proposal story! It is true, since Mr. Man T works in a Jewelery store I've come to learn a little more about the bling... but who cares about that, I've also got to try on more of the bling! That was fun. It's weird that something so small can look so damn b r i g h t on my little finger. Just look, this is only a 1.2Ct. Wow.

On leisure:
I have all this time, I should clean, but I don't. AH! Leisure equals laziness. I can't handle.

Okay, all this writing about cooking and eating has definitely made me hungry. Time for cupcakes!! Ta-ta.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoa - 7 Years in 5 Days.

I just had to review the last 7 years of my life for my new job. It came out to be 38 pages long.
In the past 7 years I have:

  • Moved approximately 7 times
  • Was on and off jobs about 6 times
  • Went to 4 different colleges
  • Called 6 different people/places to clarify dates
  • AIM M.K.W. 10000 times to clarify dates
  • Checked my Xanga to clarify dates (sad that I have to check my own blog to remember things)
  • Checked my EMail for peoples' names
  • Had to pull my credit report
I've realized that there are NOT a lot of people I can put as references as to where I've been, etc., etc., I just used the same 4 people over and over again.
I've also realized that if I do not constantly blog about what's going on in my life, there is no way in hell I will remember any events in my life, not even the freaking important ones. Remember the teachers in junior and high school where they use to talk about their lives and give dates... like, I remember in June of 1954 I was blah blah blah... it amazes me that people can do that!!
In any case, I better keep my blog updated so if I ever have to go through this again I have something to check up against.

Since Mr. Dad has been in town, we've been hanging out with him and the other relatives lately. I have some great Mr. Dad stories I need to start sharing before I forget!!

I did want to share this one story though... I was sitting in one of the aunt's living room watching the football game when Mr. Man T's cousins started talking... I only first caught bits and pieces of the conversation since I was trying to concentrate on the game via the fuzzy t.v. All of a suddenly I hear:
cousin 1: What did you wear?
cousin's 2 bf: He-he, nothing.
cousin 1: NOTHING!? HAHAHA
cousin's 2 bf: no no, I mean, just plain clothes, nothing special, not nothing - nothing! hehe
cousin 2 looking at me: we went to a S&M party.


Friday, January 12, 2007

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (you knew this was coming)

About a week ago I met Mr. Man T's dad. Let's call him Mr. Dad for short. We picked up Mr. Dad from the airport... we said our hi's, shook hands... it was all very polite and nice. So during the car ride he began asking me questions (non-threatening ones) in Vietnamese and English. Did you start work yet, do you know what Hanh means, do you know what else it means, your parents never told you what it meant, do you have an American name, you DON'T have an American name, but Hanh is so hard to pronounce, what is your last name, oh-no you have two names that are hard to pronounce, hm... let's give you an American name...


How about Rose?

All I could say is... I like my name and is it really that hard to pronounce?

And Mr. Man T brought up the fact that his little brother has an African American name.

All in all I thought it was a nice encounter, I wasn't terrified of talking to him even though I didn't know what to say to the fact that he wanted my name changed within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. Plus, he's a funny man.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Friends

Almost everyone that I am friends with from my old city, I've met pre-college days. With that, I've known everyone for at least 8 years... wow, so I pretty much "grew up" with my friends. It's hard making new friends and being yourself (retarded) in front of people you just met. Lately, after the holidays, the people we've been sorta, kind-a, not-really, hanging out with are married couples! What would I have to talk about to married couples?

Luckily... they have kids. 8, 5 and 1. They love me, I DDR (and lose) with them, watch cartoon/kids shows with them, play Foosball (and lose) with them, play a weird version of ping pong (and lose) with them, run up and down 3 flights of stairs, play ring around the rosey, etc., etc... all while the "grown-ups" chit chat.

Sigh... at this rate, I'll still be growing up with my "friends".

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hello 2007.

Happy New Year people! Hope that whole ringing in the new year was fun! For me, I did a little something something that I haven't done on New Years Eve in awhile. First, I bought a couch at Ikea and tried to carry that sucker. NO FUN.

Secondly, I went clubbing. I can't even remember the last time I went clubbing... well, actually I do, but that didn't count. I mean, all out clubbing... by the way, my club wear? Jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Everyone elses'? A short dress. Wow. Anyway, we went to this club in D.C. called Love, I heard it has 4 floors. I only made it to the second one. That place was seriously packed, hot, and the music was wack. I got alcohol all over me (damn myself for being short), stepped on, elbowed in the face and was choking on cigarette smoke.

I've also never taking so many pictures at a club before in my life. Actually, I've never taking ANY pictures at a club before in my life. That was a little weird for me. So if anyone sees my picture in myspace or anywhere else somehow... uh, i don't know, let me know?

I didn't get too buzzed either. Only because I noticed Mr. Man T drinking and I knew he wasn't taking his DD responsibilities seriously. We got home around 3 am I think and I had to jump in the shower. I reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Man, D.C., when are you going to jump on the bandwagon with the other cool states and ban smoking in public places?!

Overall, I don't think I'll be going back to that club any time soon. I'm more of a small club/lounge person. Where I can sit and drink and watch people.

Ah.. other than that, I haven't gone out much. Does anyone have any ideas for me??

P.S. Congratulations on your engagement PT!!!
P.P.S. I am now computer illiterate. Anyone know how I can design my own template here? Or even better, anyone willing to do it for me?