Monday, September 17, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why I Blog

1. Obviously, I'm an expert at talking to myself. I don't think anyone really understands the magnitude of how much I actually talk to myself. There is a slight chance that I'm crazy. Sure, people have thoughts running through their head all the time, I get that. Me? I have full blown conversations with myself. I ask questions, answer them and ask back another question. I tell myself jokes, bad remarks that I giggle to... in my head, yes, i giggle to myself in my head. How the hell is it possible? i don't know... does blogging make me talk to myself less? absolutely not... but it makes my conversations "real" and known... that's what I'd like to think anyway.

2. I love talking about nothing important and hate talking about anything that is. Car accident, car gone and injured body? No details on that. A random one liner email from my dad? Loveee discussing that. Everything is so serious now a days, this blog is not.

3. Blogging takes way less energy than actual "talking". I know, I probably have to go to therapy because I dislike talking. Which would be a complete waste of money because i dislike talking.. do you think there will ever be therapy typing sessions? Actually, I dislike explaining... it's very emotionally draining to explain. That's why on a blog I can say, damn today sucked like a bitch and not have to say why. Sure, I could get asked why, but I don't have to answer.

4. My blog reminds me of myself. Do you ever forget who you are? What your personality is like? I do... i don't know how, but I do. My blog reminds me of who I am. Scattered, nonchalant, witty, and not modest. keke

5. I am in love with my online personality. What? Aren't you?

6. I've been an online addict since I was 14 and a half years old and I don't know how to stop. AOL chat days are gone, AIM chat days are gone; forum chat days are gone.... i have no one else to talk to about random stuff! Except....... for myself.

7. Me. Me. Me.

8. A really good way to try to remember how to spell and write correctly. I am emphasizing on the word try.

9. Pure amusement. I don't do this for anyone else but me. Blogging isn't for me to remember my days by, I rarely discuss what I do on a day to day basis or anything else way too personal in my life... what i write, i find amusing.

10. Someday, I want to be rich off of blogger. Blogger make me rich!

...I'm half kidding, but really, where else can i be like:

"Bill Belichick makes me question my loyalty." Discuss.

and get a 2 page answer from Maz?

Monday, September 10, 2007


I know I'm late with this (t.v. is still broken) but...


I had faith in your crazy psychotic self. You turned me onto POP! You started this! How could you?
Gahwd.... one of the worse.relationships.ever.

p.s. kanye get over yourself.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I think I've found my sport.

My mom has always been very protective of me. Being a girl, I "shouldn't run around so much" or "play with balls". You know, typical stuff like that... so... I didn't. Well, not that we had balls to play with anyway... but I just never got into sporty stuff, even in school. I sucked in gym class and assumed I was just naturally nonathletic because I was a small asian girl. Good excuse huh?

4th Grade was when i actually started disliking sports. One day at recess when I was NOT playing any sports... I was just walking actually, i got hit in the face with a football. Yes, it hurt, yes I cried. Yes I now had a fear of any flying balls coming towards me.

So that's why I think Golf is my sport. There's no running involved. No outs, no chasing, no catching, no flying balls towards me, no team to bother with, no coach yelling at you, no ugly uniforms and i heard there could be drinking involved.

So over the weekend i got really into trying to hit that damn golf ball. I've played before, but of course i naturally sucked at it. (Swung and miss and hurt my hand.) Well, with some concentration... I think I'm getting the hang of it.... and i actually like it... I'll also actually be getting my own customized clubs soon to fit my damn height.

But seriously, i never knew how hard it was to pivot your wrist.

Oh yeah, does anyone know where I can get Pochacco or Hello Kitty golf club holder thingies?