Monday, July 28, 2008


Why don't I sleep at night when I hate the mornings?

Day 7 of

Man i did NOT want to go to work today... like all Mondays... stupid Mondays.
Breakfast: Earl Gray Tea
Lunch: Lean Cuisine
Dinner: gross ass chinese buffet.... yuck. my stomach hurts just thinking about it... at least.. i THINK that's why it hurts. =(

Tai Chi: Did additional 10 reps in the beginning exercises... and stayed longer in the yoga poses... damn it was hot... i gotta remember to change into a tank top the next time i do this.

So it's been "7" days into my workout plan... what are the results like so far?
I really do feel like i "workout" when i do tai chi... although i know i'm not burning as much calories as running, i'm still burning SOME, which is better than NONE. I also think it's helping out with my flexibility and i feel that it is toning up some leg and arm muscles. There's also some good back stretches involved which feel great after sitting in an office chair for 9 hours!
Weight loss = None. I weigh exactly the same as when i first started.

Damn, maybe i should have taken a before and after picture?

next week: it might all go down hill

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Purple Sunrise

I didn't do tai chi today. I have no excuse... i was just really lazy. My body sorta ached (I think from Golf)... i pretty much laid in bed all day and ate crap.

Anyway, I decided to take a nice hot bubble bath tonight to sooth my aching my body. I feel silky smooth and squeaky clean.

During the bath I just tried to relax and even tried to take a nap, lol, anyway, that didn't work out...
So here I am to blog about one of my main interests which I think I need to blog about more before I forget my thoughts and what I think I like when the time comes.

I'm talking about my love of weddings... that's right, my love of pretty paper bleeds into weddings. I think where paper is the most prettiest is when it is used as a wedding invitation. Now I'm not one of those wedding craze people... I'm not one of those girls who planned my wedding out since i was 3, i never pretended i was a bride... in fact, i actually didn't think weddings were all that until i found weddingbee. All the weddings I've attended before wedding bee was just like a huge party. I come from a small town, and everyone, i mean EVERYONE had their wedding at the same freaking Chinese restaurant. The restaurant was never decorated. The invitations were ALWAYS the same... and random people always showed up. I'm not looking down at weddings there or anything, it was just.. always the same.

I don't remember how the heck i found weddingbee... i've always been into blogs, so i'm sure it was from some blog i read from xanga. FYI - the creator of weddingbee is married to one of the creators of xanga. I actually think she started off on xanga and then went off onto her own... ahh.. xanga, the memories.
Anyway, once i read weddingbee, i was hooked. Not by the actual posts itself (some of them get really long and boring, i find parenting blogs more funny) but the pictures, the ideas, the DIY.. they captured my interest, my awe... it was then when i started appreciating weddings more. All the work put into it.. the little details that most people don't notice.. the freaking money and time and sweat and tears and i think most importantly, the fact that two people are getting married and sharing their vows of love and commitment to one another in front of people they love... or hopefully like. (I know Asian parents have the reputation of inviting random "relatives" to their kids' weddings... i have already told my parents (about 5 years ago, even before i loved weddings) that i will NOT be inviting these "relatives" that i do not even like to my wedding. and i will NOT be pushed around! As for the groom's side... ehh.. i dunno if i'll have much power on that end...
Ehh.. where was i? Oh... so even though I started being infatuated with the wedding business, I still haven't really thought of my own. Pretty weird no? There's just so much you can do, I can't even begin to choose... I remember there was one time I just wanted to pick out my wedding colors and I couldn't do that. I mean, usually you have to take the season into consideration, day or night wedding, blah blah blah... there's A LOT involved. Wedding dress? I have no idea what style I would want or even what style i don't want. Place for wedding? psh... invites? HAH!
That's right, I'm one indecisive person... until now. I think I've come to a conclusion on my wedding colors.

I have always loved driving home at 4-5 in the morning when I lived at my parents. For one thing, there's a lake that I have to drive by to get there. When the sun is about to rise, the scene is just so calming... and the thought of a new day... from a night of having fun with some friends and being able to go home to your family... its just so.. uplifting? relaxing? The scene to me was like a breath of fresh air... a breath of life.

Then i saw that a weddingbee blogger was going to have pinks and grays for her wedding... it was such a romantic color... how about my favorite color purple and grays? like the sky in the morning pre-sun... or even sometimes the color of the sky when it's just stopped raining.
I couldn't find pictures to inspire me... so i kind of gave up on the colors.

Then i saw my color scheme in the mall. in the window of Banana Republic... the purple, the grays.. it was perfect.. i fell in love with it again... i think I really want to use it...I hope I don't change my mind again.

...OH. I've also realized I don't want flowers as centerpieces.

and 5 and 6

now dip baby dip.

Okay, i totally did not blog friday for one reason and one reason only: There was some major accident on the parkway so the road got closed and i had to take a detour to get home, except i didn't know how to get home because Virginia roads suck and i didn't have gps because i don't drive the lexus anymore because my stupid job has me occasionally driving between corporate and the customer locations which racks up the mileage on the car which i normally wouldn't care about but the lexus is a stupid lease so we only get to drive it for a certain amount of miles before we have to pay a buttload of money for every mile after that and in conclusion I didn't get home until an hour and a half later.

So i was totally bitchy when i got home.

Anyway, along with not blogging Friday, I also failed to do tai chi... but fear not! I did do tai chi saturday morning and did more reps to make up for it.

Breakfast: Earl Gray Tea

Lunch: lean cuisine.

Dinner: Sushi.. yuMmmMmmmmmmmmmmm. House salad w/ ginger dressing, miso soup, tempura appetizer, sashimi dinner plate (the fish cuts were FAT and was served on a "plate" of ice... deelish!) and a maki roll (4 fishes topped off with masago and spicy mayo sauce). damn i ate a lot.

Breakfast: none. are you kidding me? i'm lucky if i get out of bed before 12pm.
Lunch: Vietnamese food. Spring roll, egg roll, Rice with grilled (uh... maybe really just pan fried) pork with a sunny side up egg & fish sauce.
Dinner: Vietnamese sandwich
....i'm kinda hungry right now but it's 230 in the morning so i don't think eating again will be a good idea.

I'm going to get a maid! I knew I made more money for a reason.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

dos y dos

day 4:
Breakfast - some sort of tea... i forgot what it was called already.
Cheese crackers with peanut butter... i was out of yogurt!

Lunch: back to lean cuisine... Salisbury steak with mac and cheese, hard to believe that's only 300 calories eh?

Dinner: Indian Food. Chicken Vindaloo, i asked for spicy, it was not spicy. The restaurant took me back to the 90s, they were playing everything from the 90s! pretty cool.
i need a drink...

did tai chi, i think i'm becoming more flexible already? not sure. my legs don't hurt anymore. =]

.... i'm listening to kenny rogers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Day 3!
Breakfast: Chai Tea... damn that chai smell is overwhelmingly sweet but yet it didn't taste sweet. I don't think I like it.

Lunch: 1/2 of the gross ass frozen food. Thank gawd I'm out of that brand, I can go shopping during lunch tomorrow and stock up with real frozen food, lean cuisine! Seriously, i had like 2 thin slices of chicken and threw it out... so i had like 10 prunes to make up for it...
only 2 cups of water.

Dinner: Open Face Brisket sandwich with mash potatoes and green beans... it was eeehhhh. The BF liked it, me, notsomuch. blah lemonade.
Sunflower seeds (i'm out... OMG can i eat sunflower seeds when i get braces???)
some sort of asian candy.... spicy and sweet, whatever it is.

Tai Chi!! felt less tired doing it today, legs still ache.

I feel like i need to poop again?

I started thinking about coke again. =(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Green Tea (1 cup)

Smart Foods... chicken pasta something something... yuck, i think i'm going to stick to lean cuisines.
3 prunes

all my gummy bears... i am never going to buy gummy bears or worms ever again... it makes my tummy hurt.

Thai Food - steamed mussels, pad thai. deeelish!

Did Tai Chi - actually did some of the yoga parts of it... my legs feel uber stretched out and somewhat aches? man i'm out of shape...

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Goal?

Life gets boring without goals doesn't it? Especially when you only have looooooonggggterrrmmm goals that will take months and months to accomplish. So anyway, something has come up where i can "work towards" something again. I think I have about 3 - 4 weeks. My goals is: I have to tone up. BUT I'm doing it a different way. I'm freaking lazy, I hate going out of my way to do stuff.. especially when the outcome is a sweaty hot about to die please give me ice cold water now i cannot walk up these stairs to get to my house and pass out hanh. Nope. Hate it. Therefore I've decided I am strictly going to do Tai Chi and Tai Chi only for 3 straight weeks x 7 days equals 21 days. 21 days isn't too long... I'm not sure if it'll help. But we'll see.

I'm also going to be taking notes of what i eat every day to keep track of my eating habits. It'll make me more aware of the bad things i eat and probably the fact that i need to eat more often. and by taking notes i mean blogging.

I don't know if you remember or not but i blogged awhile back about my parents starting a tai chi cult. Well guess who joined that cult? Okay i'm one of those i'll join you ever other month members, but whatevs. Everytime I do tai chi, i feel better. I feel less tense, my back feels better, there's no straining involved, and i actually sweat (but all in the own comfort of my own living room). The tai chi I do is nothing like the american videos they sell. It is weird arm and body movements but totally not like the slow kung fu moves you see on t.v. or youtube.

I kind of want to do ONLY tai chi and eat whatever the hell i want... in moderation of course, but i think because of the short period of time i have and me already being a chubbub because of the lack of self control in drinking coke and eating bad things in the past month i have to cut out the bad stuff. ::sniff sniff:: BUT once August is over and done with i hope to continue the tai chi and eat whatever the heck i want! i have to continue the tai chi because once winter comes my stomach, cheeks, legs naturally expand due to the cold weather. and being the age that i am, it's getting harder and harder to lose weight. Thanks to my friend Dee, I've seen pictures of myself from H.S. when i was GROSSLY PLUMP GAGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggg... i never want to be that way again. even when i'm preggos.

So two main reasons why I'm trying to tone up:

I'm going to do a photo shoot. Yes. A photo shoot. Me, a 26 thousand dollar camera and a red wig. that's all i know for now. and yes, i'm actually practicing my poses. laffs.

I'm a bridesmaid... i had my size zero dress taken in so my dress doesn't fall down and expose my boobies. Anyway, that also means that if i gain any weight i won't even be able to zip up that dress. so i absolutely can not gain any weight.

So that's it... now that i've blogged it i hope i can continue doing what i say i'm going to do! although usually when i blog about something some magical outside forces make me stop doing the certain activity... i.e. when i blog about blogging. heh.

DAY 1!!!!!!!!!
So.. i DID do tai chi today. and today i ate:
Breakfast: ice coffee from dunkn donuts. well, it was more like ice sugar and cream.. yuck... but good at the same time... yet so bad for me
Lunch: not until 3 freaking p.m. I sat in a 3 hour meeting from 11-2.. O.o i'm surprised I didn't pass out. anyway, i had 2 cups of water, lean cuisine... shrimp linguine which was yuck, a yogurt and some gummy bears.
Dinner: salad with ginger dressing. Sushi. I'm actually full? or i'm bloated or something... anyway i feel like i need to poop. so maybe that's a good thing?

okay gonna go poop. gnight!