Sunday, July 27, 2008

and 5 and 6

now dip baby dip.

Okay, i totally did not blog friday for one reason and one reason only: There was some major accident on the parkway so the road got closed and i had to take a detour to get home, except i didn't know how to get home because Virginia roads suck and i didn't have gps because i don't drive the lexus anymore because my stupid job has me occasionally driving between corporate and the customer locations which racks up the mileage on the car which i normally wouldn't care about but the lexus is a stupid lease so we only get to drive it for a certain amount of miles before we have to pay a buttload of money for every mile after that and in conclusion I didn't get home until an hour and a half later.

So i was totally bitchy when i got home.

Anyway, along with not blogging Friday, I also failed to do tai chi... but fear not! I did do tai chi saturday morning and did more reps to make up for it.

Breakfast: Earl Gray Tea

Lunch: lean cuisine.

Dinner: Sushi.. yuMmmMmmmmmmmmmmm. House salad w/ ginger dressing, miso soup, tempura appetizer, sashimi dinner plate (the fish cuts were FAT and was served on a "plate" of ice... deelish!) and a maki roll (4 fishes topped off with masago and spicy mayo sauce). damn i ate a lot.

Breakfast: none. are you kidding me? i'm lucky if i get out of bed before 12pm.
Lunch: Vietnamese food. Spring roll, egg roll, Rice with grilled (uh... maybe really just pan fried) pork with a sunny side up egg & fish sauce.
Dinner: Vietnamese sandwich
....i'm kinda hungry right now but it's 230 in the morning so i don't think eating again will be a good idea.

I'm going to get a maid! I knew I made more money for a reason.

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