Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nothing like starting a new year with something actually new...

Well, it has been one full week since I've moved down to the big VA, originally from MA I can say it is quite different. From the last post, you could guess, that I'm not use to big city traffic. Yeah, traffic in my city totally sucked when school was in session, but I don't think it could compare to this place. Most roads have 3+ lanes, highways... I don't even know which one I'm on half of the time, north, south, east, west? who knows, I always knew in my home town. Oh well, maybe if I paid more attention to the sun rather than the bastard drivers around here!

In any case, that has been fixed, Mr. Man T got me a TomTom! (New #1) The ultimate bossy device. I have to tell you guys... Phanus should get this thing. I have Janet speaking to me... Janet is from England, someday I will speak with an accent just like her! I also learned another road term, the roundabout. (New #2)

Settling in to a new unfurnished apartment is always hard. The walk-in closet is unfortunately not big enough for two sets of wardrobe. We have no drawers, so half of my stuff is still in my suitcase, the other half is still in my car. You guys use to think I lived in my car before? Psh, you haven't seen anything yet. In any case, it is hard to clean and organize when you have no place to put things... painting hasn't been completed... I guess I should start working on that since I am jobless and all. Here are some pictures though for your enjoyment.
It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 loft, 1 balcony. I like, I can't wait until the summer!
and everybody's favorite, a spiral staircase:

I've gone up there ONCE.

Ah... Christmas, I never really posted anything about this year's holiday. (BTW, Merry Christmas everybody!!!) What can I say? It was a very different Christmas from what I am use to. I wasn't out doing crazy shopping for anyone. I actually am still going to be buying Christmas gifts though... but I'd rather wait until I get a secure job offer, so do you think they'll still be selling wrapping paper at the end of January?

As for Christmas Eve and Christmas itself, it was quite interesting. I met all of Mr. Man T's cousins and some aunts and uncles all at once. (New #3) I pretty much stepped into the house without him, and his cousin loudly introduced me. What could I do? I just used both my hands and waved. Then I ran to the corner. I am so glad I did not get bombarded with Vietnamese questions. No, I do not mean questions in Vietnamese, I mean the typical Vietnamese questions parents ask. A few of the cousins were sweet enough to actually buy me presents. I thought that was great, everything I got was very nice, especially Mr. Man T's Burberry gift card. I also got to eat one of my favs, Bun Bo Hue! All in all, I wasn't really hassled by anyone, and everybody was super friendly to me and I was super quiet to myself so it worked out swell.

On Christmas, I got to hang out with one of Mr. Man T's favorite cousin, Miss Saigon. Miss Saigon, was her AOL screen name, and she is pretty much the whole reason how Mr Man T and I met. In any case, we went to watch that new Rocky film, which was eh.. and then had dinner at Miss Saigon's house. We had interesting conversations...until her little sister came home. That's when the stories got REALLY entertaining. I haven't heard fun and funny stories like that in a long time. I thought, it was a great way to end Christmas night.

Well this post was pretty much a long babble of babbles. I promise I'll try to stop and start posting normally again.

I wonder if I can tomtom my way back to the cousin's house to eat some left over bbh....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Hello from VA!!!!! I have relocated and have no job, no family and no uh..friends, well one. The one I live with. =] My short update:

1. My condo is muy nice-o
2. Traffic here sucks hairy monkey balls
3. My area is muy nice-o
4. Interviews are tiring
5. Traffic here sucks hairy monkey balls

Monday, December 11, 2006

There should be a rule...

If you're going to ask me for my opinion/advice:
And I put some thought, time and effort in answering you, you should HAVE to follow it.
If you just want to hear me talk (because I have funny insights) tell me before hand and I'll come up with something and won't be mad at you for 10 seconds while you NOT listen to me.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ultimate Statement

I had a nice fun-filled very private conversation with a super good friend of mine. About. My. Cycle. He's a pharmacists. Knowing him personally, I don't know if I would ever trust him to be MY pharmacists, but I do know that he knows his stuff. Most of the time. Anyway I talked to him about me switching my birth control method and how my doctor confused the shit out of me. He recommended to me what birth control pill I should probably be on. The effects of any birth control and for some reason he was really worried about breast tenderness. Trust me Mr. Doctor, that's the least of my worries. I was getting constant headaches, extreme mood swings, exhausted all the time, very irritable, very emotional... seriously, I just thought I was becoming a total bitch. So, I tried to switch some things around to see if it will change things.

First I'd like to say, if this makes me gain weight, I will immediately go off of it.
Secondly, Mr. Doctor, I didn't get the names of what you recommended, can you email me that again? (Just in case these Apris suck.)
Thirdly... is it me or do Target have really heart-felt-feel-good commercials?
(Just started the Apris today.)

Someone let me know if they think I'm changing.