Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ultimate Statement

I had a nice fun-filled very private conversation with a super good friend of mine. About. My. Cycle. He's a pharmacists. Knowing him personally, I don't know if I would ever trust him to be MY pharmacists, but I do know that he knows his stuff. Most of the time. Anyway I talked to him about me switching my birth control method and how my doctor confused the shit out of me. He recommended to me what birth control pill I should probably be on. The effects of any birth control and for some reason he was really worried about breast tenderness. Trust me Mr. Doctor, that's the least of my worries. I was getting constant headaches, extreme mood swings, exhausted all the time, very irritable, very emotional... seriously, I just thought I was becoming a total bitch. So, I tried to switch some things around to see if it will change things.

First I'd like to say, if this makes me gain weight, I will immediately go off of it.
Secondly, Mr. Doctor, I didn't get the names of what you recommended, can you email me that again? (Just in case these Apris suck.)
Thirdly... is it me or do Target have really heart-felt-feel-good commercials?
(Just started the Apris today.)

Someone let me know if they think I'm changing.



Timmy said...

your grammar is getting worse.

hanh said...