Sunday, June 29, 2008


I had some blood lost doing this one.
You know how i love crazy cute cartoony things. Of course I would incorporate it into my cards:

I'm thinking i might send this one to my sister instead since she was born in the year of the cat. At least.. i think it's a cat. Except i messed up on the fold and it doesn't close properly so i have to figure out how i could seal it without really sealing it first.

Anyway, i freaking cut myself with the paper trimmer thing. my thumb was throbbing so i wasn't too happy finishing up this one... although i do adore the colors, which by the way the bf picked out. why can't i match crap together? must be the fobbiness in me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 Hours Later..

So for a few weeks now i've taken many trips to the arts&crafts store, spents many dollars and coupons and so yesterday, i finally sat down to create my first ever card!!

This is the result 2 hours later....

Anyway, dude, i totally suck at measuring, maybe because measuring = math = measuring. something i'm all retarded about. But i actually had fun and i hope i get to imagine more cards so i can create more!
oh yeah also, if i continue to take 2 hours to do each card? I will totally never be able to make a profit out of this. heh.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh mommy...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A cookie.

Time flies when you're just sitting on your ass watching t.v. and surfing the internets.

So i went home recently and had the duty of picking up my niece. I don't know how or why when i go home for vacation i end up running errands but it's okay, it was nice driving around a city knowing there will be no way in hell i would get lost or be pulled over or end up in a bad neighborhood and get shot at.
Well so i picked up my niece who is now practically 13 years old... okay only 8 years old, but geezus can't these kids slow down with the growing thing? so she runs up into my car and says "hiiiiii aunt 4 i bought you a cookie from the bake sale today!!"

My heart melted... it was so sweet of her! She actually wrapped it up in a napkin and put my name on it as well. Yeah the cookie sucked ass but still, i ate it, the first cookie my niece ever bought me in my entire life. oh oh oh, actually the first thing ever that she's bought me. soon she'll be driving my old ass around and taking ME out to eat dinner! woohooo. growing old has some benefits... maybe.

Friday, June 13, 2008


So how freaking awesome was the celtics/lakers game last night huh? Did you hear those stupid commentators talk all this shit about the celtics and then BAM! 3rd quarter comes around and they have nothing left to say but shoot statistics out of their ass. God those commentators annoyed me. Did you also see Pierce do the fake injury crap? Why's he gotta do that all the time? Is that some sort of basketball game "skill" you're suppose to have to help the team score? Also, did you see Ray Allen own that one laker dude on the one on one? Does anyone else think KG is somewhat awkward? ::does the robot dance::

.....aaaand i still think bball is still kinda boring to watch.

I gotta find a new layout for my banner... that crap is bugging me!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quasi access.

My favorite word now is quasi.

But I never really get to use it. How about, sometimes my new job is quasi to slow ice cream death on a hot summer day in a cold office? OR this co-w here is quasi to a 3 year old with no discipline and control on the whine level? does that make any sense?

I get to blog at work now (for now) so i'm going to do it dammit!

First things first, as you can tell - the start of my new job is eeehhhhhhhh... i get headaches from doing nothing for 4 hours and then headaches from staring at pivot tables the next 4 hours. i love me some pivot tables... as my old co-w would say. speaking of excel. Why do people format the whole excelsheet font to be dark blue and bold. How does that make anything look better? there should be a class in how to make things look pretty in excel and word. and i shall teach the class and make one MILLION dollars. *pinky up*
I would call the class Excel Sexy 101.

Okay quick 3 things before i go bask in the sunlight:
1. cheer celtics tonight
2. bleeding love by leona lewis - i've been listening to this song for the past 4 hours... don't know why, there's this part where her voice kind of annoys me. but how romantic is the phrase "keep bleeding love" huh? if i was a single teenager i'd fall for the boy who would sing this to me and then allow him to take me to dennys for a date. yes its THAT rrrrooomantic to me. Also. Leona Lewis does not look pretty to me.
3. Rihanna ain't all that.