Sunday, June 29, 2008


I had some blood lost doing this one.
You know how i love crazy cute cartoony things. Of course I would incorporate it into my cards:

I'm thinking i might send this one to my sister instead since she was born in the year of the cat. At least.. i think it's a cat. Except i messed up on the fold and it doesn't close properly so i have to figure out how i could seal it without really sealing it first.

Anyway, i freaking cut myself with the paper trimmer thing. my thumb was throbbing so i wasn't too happy finishing up this one... although i do adore the colors, which by the way the bf picked out. why can't i match crap together? must be the fobbiness in me.

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aMAZing said...

year of the cat is cute. maaan, i think my parents once told me that i was born in the year of the goat. how wack is that?! blegh! since when the heck do modern-day people talk about goats other than goat milk?? =/

(i'm actually reading a book right now that talks about it. it's about this real-life jewish dude that lives in ny that wrote a memoir on his year-long quest to live according to the bible as much as possible. the book is HILARIOUS!!)

i'm not sure what you meant by "why can't i match crap together," but if you meant color coordination, i think you did perfectly fine on the previous card =)

be careful with the paper cuts! if you want to be weird, you can try to avoid them by putting a band-aid on your finger before you start using the paper trimmer =P