Thursday, August 30, 2007


Part 2.

Doesn't that look like i just colored it in with crayons??
I need to learn how to shadow/highlight. Any tips?
I might have to redraw it since the line came out kind of thick... i actually think it looks better smaller.


and then even better...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The WW of Disney

I'm not much of a t.v. watcher. I saw commercials about High School Musical here and there...but really had no idea what it was all about. Until I went over a friend's house... a friend who has 3 kids and Disney is on almost always.

They did the dance moves to HSM. Cute.

Then Maz (who btw, is wayy older than I am) updates his gchat message to: HSM 2 <3
HSM!? A little old no!?

I believe they target a pre-teen audience. Yes, i'm pretty sure I saw that in the news.

So, finally, I was like whatever- Maz loves corny stuff as well as gangsta stuff... i kind of knew that about him. Shouldn't be a big surprise.

So my boss comes into my office the other day... sits down next to me and says,

"So I saw HSM2 over the weekend......."

Me: "uhhhhhhhhhh......"

edit: wth is wrong with blogger!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Part 1.

Dude, I really suck at drawing legs.

I hope I finish this project...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Getting Old(er)

I am feeling my age.

I can't do stupid/spontaneous things where I won't care about the outcome anymore. For example... sky diving... i remember when i was a young one i was all damn i want to do that (once i can afford it) yayyayay jump off a plane yay! Now... i'm like...ehhh no thanks, don't want to risk my life... rather spend the $ on normal things like on food or apparently a 500$ vacuum.

I can't go all out clubbing anymore in fear of someone taking a freaking picture of me and it being posted on myspace. Who started the whole camera in the club phase anyway? Do you know how retarded that is? I mean everyone is dancing and drunk and you all want to get together and pose for a freaking picture. Do you know what a bright ass flash does to a drunk person?! Yeesh...
Plus all the drunk fat people bumping into me...ehh.. no tolerence for that anymore, i just want to hit them. and all the dirty sweaty icky people in the dark....damn how was clubbing ever fun...

Actually, I can't even get drunk anymore. Well... I can, off of one drink. Thanks to no more HH.... thanks to not having friends... I digress.. so yeah, one drink. and it's not even a funny happy drunk, it's like, oh shit i'm tired i need to go home and sleep right now drunk. why!? why?! is it because of my tolerance?! is it because my 27 yr old brain can't handle the dizziness? Forget the meaning of life, what is the meaning of growing older??

Now... since I can't drink and dance for fun... I should be doing older more sophisticated activities right? Sipping latte at a cafe somewhere... playing golf/tennis... uh... um... what other sophisticated activities are there? damn don't tell me having kids is the ultimate sophisticated activity!?

See... so i'm stuck, I don't know what i should be doing for "fun" anymore (besides watch anime, and no, i will never ever grow out of that.)

Advice people... advice.


Friday, August 10, 2007


I looooooooove the new girls who just started here. They showed me how i can get access my gmail at work.

Yes. This was very blog worthy (and worthy of my love as well).

Saturday, August 04, 2007


It's summer... you're like duh- it's been summer for about 2 months now.
Well to me, it hasn't felt like summer. There are several reasons...

Back in the day when I was living with my parents, they didn't believe in air conditioning. Well, they did, but for like 2 rooms. That's it. The entire house would be hotter than outside, except for the basement, it was a bit cool down there... so I always felt the "heat" of summer when it was summer. I would be sweating my ass off in my own house...eating hot Pho. Damn it's good to be Vietnamese.

We'd have occasional summer cookouts, where my mom would try to grill everything possible, fish, cucumbers, tofu, whatever. It even got the the point where they built a gas stove outside where they can make the hot pho out in the hot weather, heh. I had a decent size backyard... green grass, a garden, some cheapo hammock from Vietnam where I would fall asleep on after work and then wake up with a start from being afraid of being bit by bugs.

Oh my god... i haven't gotten bit by a mosquito yet this summer! DUDE! That has got to be the most bizarre thing for me, i use to get eaten alive during the summer by mosquitoes, now..nothing... i don't know if i'm happy or sad... okay i'm happy, but a weird kind of happy... it means that I haven't hung outside in the evening during summer! the best part of summer for me was when the sun was down, there was a cool breeze going through the hot summer night... and i'd be outside with friends, talking shit about someone, while Linni was inside karaoking... heh, that's summer.

Now, i go from a home that's kept at a 71 degree temperature to an office that's kept at a 50 degree temperature... the only time i feel "heat" is when i leave it at 80 degrees in my car... so i can let the blood in my veins warm up from the 8 hours at work.... sigh... so right now, i'm sitting out on my mini balcony... just me, the spider and it's web, some Sapporo and the nice heat. It actually doesn't feel hot to me... it feels normal. So right now, this to me, is the beginning of my summer... I guess I can put on some karaoke and pretend Linni is singing.

I know, this post makes no sense, even more so than my usual posts.. but that's because the heat's affecting my head. goal!!