Friday, August 10, 2007


I looooooooove the new girls who just started here. They showed me how i can get access my gmail at work.

Yes. This was very blog worthy (and worthy of my love as well).


amazing said...

oh, your work wouldn't allow you to access gmail? haha. my company's cool with that. i think they might've banned AIM though. i'm not sure... but either way, my buddy list on this thing is growing gradually. even a temp who was just here for three days this week (and then left) asked me for my gmail name so we can stay in contact and chat while i'm at work!!

...but uh, i don't see you signed on. *realizes he's being ignored* ! ! !

honglien123 said...

Some of our techs told me that some of our VPs have p0rn on their systems. I'm pretty sure I can access everything. We've only had one guy get fired so far for mishandling resources. That was because he was an idiot though, he had a whole network drive full of p0rn.