Friday, October 28, 2011

i survived my wedding

Right... wedding posts, wedding blog, wedding pictures... i totally failed on that one. i did however, succeed in getting married so no worries myself 30 years from now. the wedding happened, even though you did not blog diddly squat about it. the wedding planning was both hard and easy. it was possibly harder than it should've been because we procrastinated like hell. Basically, we booked the venue and bought the dress and then for months and months we didn't do anything until July. HAHHHH...

Anyway, I've read wedding blogs like weddingbee for a long time, way before i was even engaged. ALL the brides looked like they had fun planning, with the pictures! and the pictures! and the research! and the stories! Wheeeeee! I have no idea how they do it. I failed at being able to "picture" my wedding. If there are ANY brides to be out there reading this and feel like they are at a total lost of knowing what you want for your wedding you are NOT alone. Here are a list of things that annoyed the crap out of me when i was planning my wedding:

What is your wedding color? - one of the two things people ask me. really? were colors that important? what if i wanted every color in the world? i've seen pictures, it would've been pretty. anything is pretty! what if i told you my color, what would you do for me besides say "ooOoo..."

Did you find your dress yet? ick, worse shopping.experience.ever

not rsvping. damn you asians

rsvping for more than was allowed. damn you asians

telling me (not asking) that you are bringing more people. damn you asians

complaining to me (the night before the wedding) on why i didn't invite your whole family. damn you asians

planning and purchasing and not seeing a single thing come together. ever max out your credit card in one single swipe?

things you "should" do for your wedding, this type of advice comes from everybody and anyone. It's worse when it comes from the og parents, because wow, people are all about customs and how the things are suppose to be and honestly get upset that things aren't the "norm" and take it as a personal insult.

ALL past brides will tell you that it is "your day, do what you want" but you know what happens when you do what you want? you're "bridezilla". so pick and choose people.

Oh. And you won't get what you want...

but you can get pretty damn close

Bottom line, our wedding was still pretty, my pictures that i've seen so far turned out great. i had FUN. the ceremony was sweet, short and remembering (because we winged it and so many things went "wrong"). our food was actually pretty damn good and it seemed like everyone else had fun. only complaint? they ran out of alcohol!

i'll leave you with the best worst quote you will hear after you get engaged..

"it's just one day..."