Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Analysts analyze on their free time:

I've calculated and "analyzed" that if i keep at the rate on which i'm paying my CC bills i will be completely CC debt free by May of 2009.

....MAY OF 2009!!!!!

That's less than 2 years away. Not bad, but not good either. I've really tried to lower my spending habits, i.e. no more expensive clothes, make-up for no reason....uh that's all i can think of right now. One thing I have not been able to stop doing is NOT eating out. Damn why do I have to be such a good cook in just four things?! Those four things include rice and ramen noodles.

But the more i think about it the more i'm excited about what I can do in 2 years... because truthfully after those bills are paid off i'm going to have madddddddd $$ in the b@nk $0n.

I miss travelling so much, but i know that in 2 years i'll be able to go on, not one, but a lot of awesome trips... AND not have to worry about CC debt.

People always say, "debt" will always be there, yeah sure, but CC debt definitely does not have to be there ALL the time. I can definitely live without that sort of stress thank-you-very-much. So I think taking a trip now while this huge thing is hanging over my head is soooOOo not worth it.

In the mean time I've ransacked my brain for "new" things that I can do and won't have to spend loads of $ on. Here's my list:

1. Get better at SC (of course...somehow, some way, i will!)
2. Start learning how to play the guitar. I have the guitar, i have the resources, what the hell is stopping me?!
3. Find more Anime to watch. Any suggestions?
4. KARAOKE! LA! LA! LA! Yeah, this is $ but one disc can last me months. (Takes me awhile to memorize those dayum Vietnamese lyrics)
5. Once i got some really great basic guitar stuff down, start singing (my own words)- Rock star in my own house here i come!
6. Learn how to cook more?! Maybe...
7. Uh hello all these free Museums in D.C. I must check out.
9. DC Zoo
10. Must.Take.More.Pictures
11. BLOG!!
12. Oh yeah, and

Anyone have a list of what they want to do or do more of?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I just got my dual monitors set up. Now I'm efficient as ever.
Somebody stop me before my keyboard/mouse/brain breaks!!
...damn I have no other excitement in my life. -_-

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Getting into the groove....

/Channel Cao


Friday, June 08, 2007

Dear Diary,

My first game back on SC was awful. I got SCV rushed and couldn't even save my sorry ass. Not only that I can't get my old SN back! Ugh, some days, things just don't go your way. I didn't win any other games either... the 5 vs Zum's n00b coworker doesn't count.

How do people end their conversations with their diary?? Iono.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

MySpace takes over the world...

Even my one-eyed-freak-on-a-leash is on myspace!!!!!!
(Ignore wannabe dog on the right)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


As I was sitting in my usual 5pm traffic jam going 1 to 2 mph i looked around to amuse myself. I noticed that people in VA tend to specialize their plates. Well, maybe its the ratio of all the damn cars around here, but whatever- the point is, i saw a plate that said:


I was like COOOOOOOOOOOL, reminds me of the aol days, when those punkasses had those type of sns.

AND THEN i was like, man... i gotta go to the dreaded DMV very soon to get my license/car crap switched over... maybe i should join the masses and make my own personalized plates as well. Too bad wouldn't fit.
How about O0O0O0O0
or FREE99
or 126WPM
or 8P

I wish we could use underscores instead of dashes, i'd definitely go for O_0
What would you use if you wanted to spend a retard amount on specialized plates?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh Green Apple Mentos - Where have you been all my working life?

Seriously?! I've always loved mentos but never in my life have i seen or tried one of these until today.
Speaking of candy, when i started working at the age of 10, my whole salary went to candy, i mean what else would a 10 year old asian girl buy in the ghettos? speaking of working, i worked numerous under the table jobs growing up... i don't know how i did it. Does the average american have any awareness on what goes on with these damn products they buy?

By the way, Crabtree & Evelyn soaps and shit? Illegal factory. Underpaid workers. Hours and hours of standing and cardboard papercuts. I would never buy their product, especially at the price they sell it at?? Psh.....

and now i leave you with another Excel tip: +
that's right, +