Friday, June 08, 2007

Dear Diary,

My first game back on SC was awful. I got SCV rushed and couldn't even save my sorry ass. Not only that I can't get my old SN back! Ugh, some days, things just don't go your way. I didn't win any other games either... the 5 vs Zum's n00b coworker doesn't count.

How do people end their conversations with their diary?? Iono.


amazing said...

The following items have been shipped to you by

1 Girl, Interrupted $10.36
1 Now I Can Die in Peace: Ho... $10.17
1 Best Seller Series: Starcr... $9.97

OHMYGOSH @ the last one! should i be preparing for a party in the upcoming week sometime?! you will obviously be invited =) Just don't expect me to be up at midnight on a weekday =P

hanh said...

Wait... can you play during the weekday?? I'm not going to "expect" you to be up at midnight playing... it's just going to happen because you'll become so addicted. MUWHAHAHAHA... so how long does shipping take?

BTW, girl interrupted??

amazing said...

haha well i gotta adjust my sleeping schedule in order to play on the weekday. like last night, i only got 5 hours and 40 minutes of sleep and it's killing me! i'm SOOOO sleepy!! and trust me, i've had times where i couldn't stop playing the advanced war game until 1 am on a weekday before, so you best to believe i'm gonna try to avoid that ;P (can you save in the middle of a game??)

shipping takes 5-9 days. most times it comes faster, though. my last order came in two days.

girl interrupted, the book. not the movie. i heard of the movie a while back; didn't look interesting at all. but i came across the book + reviews about it, and it's psychology-related... so being that's where my interest lies, i figured it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. it got good reviews too.

hanh said...

drink coffee... didn't you use to stay up real late during college or something or was that me?
no you can't save in the middle of the game...

i'm praying for 2 days.

you won't have any time to be reading.

amazing said...

heh coffee lately gives me a caffeine high, and an hour later, i crash and am in comatose status for the following hour. blegh. i try to avoid it as much as i can now.

and yep! college days = i used to stay up all night long, but that was basically during the summer/winter; not during the semester. i've gotten a lot older since then, and therefore, there's been a huge drop-off in my stamina =(((

lol i can't imagine how ecstatic you'd be if i got it today ;P

HEY! if i'm ordering books, you better believe i'm gonna take my time out to read them! otherwise it would've been a waste of money, and i'm not about to do that.

maaaan, i don't know why but i got that "hey jealousy" song stuck in my head again. back in the days...

hanh said...

umm... i have no idea what hey jealousy song you're talking about.

i got invited over to eat @ someone's house tonight so no time to sc for me!! (only anime)

amazing said...

gin blossoms! "hey jealousy," from back in 1994 or so. of course, just like everything elsem there was a 13 year lag in me liking that song... lol. DOWNLOAD IT! either that or i'll send it to you!

i FINALLY resurrected my ipod this weekend. 30 gb, brand new, 2106 songs or something. i'll be getting the thing i can hook up to the tape deck soon so i'll be able to listen to new songs again. YAY! (i've been listening to mixtapes i made a decade ago over the past year...)

hahaha i think you've played ENOUGH sc already! stop getting so good at it again!! i don't want you to kill me the first time we play =((((