Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh Green Apple Mentos - Where have you been all my working life?

Seriously?! I've always loved mentos but never in my life have i seen or tried one of these until today.
Speaking of candy, when i started working at the age of 10, my whole salary went to candy, i mean what else would a 10 year old asian girl buy in the ghettos? speaking of working, i worked numerous under the table jobs growing up... i don't know how i did it. Does the average american have any awareness on what goes on with these damn products they buy?

By the way, Crabtree & Evelyn soaps and shit? Illegal factory. Underpaid workers. Hours and hours of standing and cardboard papercuts. I would never buy their product, especially at the price they sell it at?? Psh.....

and now i leave you with another Excel tip: +
that's right, +



amazing said...

seriously, what's so good about mentos? heh that's one of the american candies i've never seen the appeal for. they taste like crap!!

back in first grade or whatever when my mom made me go to the ymca (i didn't like swimming), she used to give us snacks afterwards as a reward for getting through a lesson. fruit roll-ups were the norm. however, one time she got me mentos... i forgot what flavor... but that ish was DISGUSTING. i spit it out.

years later, same thing. my friend, whose dad owned a bar/convenience store, brought me some fruity-flavored mentos. again, i spit it out. they're probably one of the worst candies out there, right next to twizzlers and gummy bears. BLEGH!

give me push-pops and ring-pops anyday of the week as opposed to mentos. heck, i don't even like jolly ranchers all that much but give me that instead!!

don't talk to me about excel. can i ask you questions on it? because this one thing has been pissing me off for YEARS.

Hanh said...

why don't you just say you like sucking? hehe (i made myself giggle)

ask away.

Hanh said...

BTW Flushie, RING POPS??! You just went from ghetto to gay in my book. ;)

amazing said...

yeah, me liking "sucking"... hardy har har, you're very funny! ring pops are GOOD, though. ok, i never really liked how your saliva starts dripping down to your fingers, making'em all sticky... but the flavor of the candy isn't that bad ;P

i guess now you perceive me as a "gay" guy living on a "farm" =(

ok excel question. when you're trying to change the entire column so that it makes, let's say, the dates look like 06/11/07 (june 11, 2007). why does it sometimes when i type 06/11/07, the date in the cell changes to 11/07/06 (november 7, 2006)??

i check the cell format and i HAVE it so it's supposed to be mm/dd/yy. what the heck, man. this ish is annoying.

btw... me ordered sc =) (you better not make my $10 go to waste!!)

hanh said...

i'd say human error on your excel piece. what's the ETA of the game?

amazing said...

what kinda human error? i mean, the cell format SAYS it's supposed to be mm/dd/yy, yet it still automatically switches to yy/dd/mm or something after i click return. excel has been doing this to me for years now; i'm obviously not too fond of this thing. ugh.

i have no idea when the ETA is, since i also ordered two books to go along with it. i'll let you know when i get the "shipment sent" -confirmation e-mail. have some patience!! otherwise i'm gonna have to compare it to tetrinet and have you sign off on me again. hahaha. meanie.

hanh said...

are you copying and pasting the dates into a whole column or just one cell?

i think i'm going to sc after work today...just to test myself.

amazing said...

no no no, i'm not copying/pasting. i'm actually typing "5/11/07" or something into the cell and once i hit return, that thing switches to "07/05/11"... or something like that. it makes nooooooo sense. and i have it on "english" mode too. blegh!

HEY, don't start upping your sc skill level without me!! i'm a rookie!!

hanh said...

you're a rookie no matter what -_-

amazing said...

rookie or not, i dont't want you to kill me every single time. all that's gonna do is inflate your ego, and we don't want none of that. why? 'cause that'd give me extra incentive to play more, thus increasing the chances ten folds of me getting addicted to it!

hanh said...

i think when i train you my sn will be mazisn00boob. too long?