Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random Update:

It's been awhile... lots happened.
KUNGO got married!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH#(*$#*((@#*( !!! =]
Did a lot of reading about SC2
Moved from a cube to an office (with windows!)
Learned crazy Excel stuff at work. Like: =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A2,LABEL,1,FALSE))0,1)
Became addicted to French food. (Escargo yumyum!)
Did some shopping
Did some eating
Did some drinking
Did some visiting of a GM at the best Thai Restaurant in NO. VA (Now This is Good Stuff.)


Last but definitely Lease :

Sorry about the crappy pics and video, but you get the point.


amazing said...

waaaait a second. how the heck did you move from a cubicle to an office? i'm still a cubicle, damnit! (of course, there are only a handful of offices at my job, and they're reserved for the higher-ups or they're used as conference rooms.)

they're doing construction at my place, so i'm hoping i'll get to move to the window sometime soon. i hate sitting in the middle of the office with nothing to look at but other cubicles and plants!!

awwww sleepyhead's beginning to live lavishly now. hahaha. leasing a Lexus? geez! ridin' dirty!! BALLLLLLLLLIN'!!! my friend's got a Lexus too, and the heated seat thingies are awesome during the winter time. the air conditioner starts working a LOT faster than my civic too. lol. wack!!

MikPimpster said...

Wow woman... moving very swiftly.. thats good.. into an office already... make sure you save me a corner cause im looking for a job right now. maybe you can hire me as your personal secretary.. promise ill do the work and wont fall asleep.. =P

Hmm.. no comment on the lexus, high roller.. such a baller you are.. Congratz Hanh!!!!!!

Hanh said...

why are my friends so ghetto?


amazing said...

Aiyyo, living in the fast lane; drive down I-95 to where my homegirl is
Lexus-leasin’, Vietnamese chick in D.C.; Virginia beaches within arms reach
Discovered a Thai restaurant that’ll keep her belly filled for weeks!
Typical Asians be into Civics, but Sleepyhead beats to her own drum
Caught her cooking dim sum and I’m wondering if I can haaaaave some?

Yo, yo, yo...

...and then my mind goes blank. lol. Damnit!

Ironically, I was called a "hoodlum" this morning by a co-worker as I was walking into the office. haha. What the heck...

Hanh said...

aw, now all you have to do is put it on an mp3 and i can have a soundtrack to my blog!

amazing said...

hahaha ain't happening! if there's one thing in the world i'm worse at than singing, it's rapping. buuuuut for some reason, i've been wanting to write rhymes a lot recently. i wrote a couple of'em to some of my co-workers and they got a nice kick out of it. i can surely write an entire verse about you =P

honglien123 said...

Nice! Congrats on the car and the office! Oddly enough, I started my career in a top corner office. The best one is the one at home.