Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I tried to watch House last night at a friend's house. A friend who has 3 kids who wanted me to watch the show in their bedroom. NOT A GOOD IDEA. All I got were 10000000000 questions thrown at me, "why is he sick?, what are they doing?, why is he sick?, who's that?, why is he sick?, they don't know why he's sick yet?, why is his face white?, what's Cancer?, what's Leukemia?, how do you get cancer? what's a bone marrow transplant?, NEEDLE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!, and finally, is he going to die?!"
Like WHOA! Stupidly, I tired to actually explain some of the stuff, and of course i didn't catch the ending because i was too busy answering their questions, so i said YES they both LIVED!!!!!!


Anyway, I came up with this fabulous idea from my dream last night. Lasagna topped with mac&cheese.

YUM! Who wants to come over and try to make it for me?!


amazing said...

holy teleconferences! i was stuck in a conference room all morning long and the early part of the afternoon, and now i'm FINALLY back at my desk!! man, these things can get really draining... ugh.

i don't watch 24, i don't watch House, i don't watch Desperate Housewives (hah!) -- none of that fake stuff interests me. glad to see you were able to give your total concentration on the TV screen last night, though!! =P

while you were watching that, i was busy watching The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. great show! i hope you at least have heard of it!

but whatever you do, don't expose your kids to Naruto. i think we already have enough japanese-wannabe kiddies running around in this country. hahaha.

the kids i worked with used to come up to me and ask if i watch Dragon Ball... and i was just like, "maaan, i was reading Dragon Ball comic books five years before you were even born!!" i gotta admit though, it's strange to see something having gained that much popularity a good decade after i was a huge fan of it. (if that makes me sound like an elitist, let it be!!)

yo, one thing i don't like is when people combine different foods together to create some strange, exotic ish that scientists have to feed to lab rats for taste tests, to see if it's even edible for humans or not. lasagna + mac & cheese don't sound that bad (actually, i don't like mac & cheese)... but keep'em separate! being experimental is fine. however, do it with reason!! =P

btw, where art thou on gchat?! did you learn that ghosting technique from me and now you're using it?!?!

Hanh said...

naurto+mac&cheese+mazisachickenshitforallthingsnew foreva!

amazing said...

i think someone's just jealous that i can understand japanese and don't have to read annoying subtitles when i'm watching an anime!!