Thursday, May 17, 2007

The new LP album sounds like motherfuckinggayarsesissyfiedemoindiecrap POP!!!!
Damn you RICK RUBIN!!!!!!!

The sad part is that a lot of the music actually starts out semi-good so I have hope when I begin a new track and then within 45 seconds it just crushes me and I wonder if I should re-name them LP'Sync myself.

OH. And the lyrics? Come on... what are you in 7th grade?? I hear better rhyme schemes on Chinese melody love songs sung by Vietnamese people.

Other than that, the album is GREAT!!!!!!

as a coaster...


amazing said...

hahaha i really didn't get the chance to listen to the new LP album too much yet, but from the little i heard, i'm not feeling it too much either. (the fact i got a webrip with horrible sound quality probably doesn't help either.) i long for the days when their music actually sounded good! Hybrid Theory was nice. their EP was nice, too -- songs on both those albums grabbed me the first time i heard them. unfortunately i can't say the same about the new one.

as jadakiss once said about fiddy, "block is just fine; homie, the d's straight / most likely your new cd is a weed plate!"

ironic story about the whole chinese/vietnamese music thing. i was searching the internet this past weekend for album covers to stick onto my itunes, and for one of trish's songs, it was on some collection of "chinese" music by various artists... and i was just like, "trish's music = chinese?? what???" didn't make any sense to me. i was thinking maybe there's some chinese/vietnamese connection that i don't know about...?

Hanh said...

the only connection is that all vietnamese ppl do is steal chinese music and make up their own lyrics for it, that also includes korean music/japanese, american, french, spanish

conclusion: there is no such thing as vietnamese music.

amazing said...

hahahaha buncha thieves, aren't you!? that'd be like the pot calling the kettle black though when you think about it. i'm japanese, and we stole "chinese" characters from the chinese, so we're on the same boat! oh, and don't worry about stealing the music either... i've seen some horrendous japanese renditions of ricky martin's "shake ya bon bon" and backstreet boys' "as long as you love me". ugh. the culture over there is crazy. i'm glad not too many americans know about it. haha. 'til then, japanese pride like what!!

Hanh said...

shut up flushie, you didn't even listen to japanese music until there was ME!!!!!!

amazing said...

ahahaha I DO GIVE YOU CREDIT, THOUGH! talking to you has gotten me more in touch with the, uh, asian culture... and i'm thankful for that!! so what else you want from me? move down to d.c.?! hahaha ;P (i just heard that one of my co-workers' relatives just moved down there a few weeks ago. sheesh. must be the hot spot of the country right now!)