Monday, May 07, 2007

yawn blog /yawn

I've been going through for the past 2 hours trying to find a good photo for a new banner for this boring looking blog of mine. What kind of picture says, "dyshanhics"? So far out of 648 pictures.... none.

Help? What type of picture/character do you see this blog as?


E: had to share this. Found it while pic browsing -


amazing said...

um, i'm sure you're being sarcastic, but you can probably google the word "dyshanhics" and the only search result would be your blog... if google feels your blog is even worthy of it coming up on the results. bwahhahaa. (don't worry, you're still my home girl regardless of what google thinks!!)

go create your own banner. that's the best way to go! =P

Hanh said...

i'm thinking of a picture of me punching a picture of you in the face!!

amazing said...

lol what did i do to deserve such a violent response from you? que? what?? nani??? what yo man gots to do with me?!?!?!

awww... friggin'... nicotine craving with less than an hour remaining ni the day. i hate that =(

amazing said...

you got a larger image of that picture you posted? i wouldn't mind making that my wallpaper here at work. but then again, my co-workers might think i'm implying that i'm going to overdose on narcotics or something... haha.

hmm... i'm thinking about writing an entry today, except i have no idea what to write about. d'oh. help?

Hanh said...

yah, i don't think that's very work appropriate, but then again you are ghetto, you might be able to get away with it. about thegirlyouhaveamajorcrushonandhowshekissed youbutyoustilldon'tknowifshelikesyouor not!

amazing said...

"ghetto" people don't usually mess with prescription drugs and overdose on'em. that's usually reserved for caucasians... lol. oops ;X

HEY!!! just announce to the entire world about my so-called love life, why don't you! sheesh!! ;P

and here's an update for ya: i don't have a crush on her anymore, so you can stop trying to get more info out of me... because it doesn't exist! ;P

Hanh said...

say no to racism!