Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blog Under Construction Part 1

Flushie is right... if I'm going to make my own banner, i might as well draw my own picture and use my own design, that would really define dyshanhics!! ...So with the help from a free tutor here is my first sketch of something i think i might want to use:

um... i think i'll try drawing it again next time sitting up and with an actual mouse.

....to be continued!!!!!!!!


amazing said...

aahahhahahaaha that drawing is so friggin' cute!! what makes it even more funnier (and cuter!) is the fact that you drew a mouse without the use of one. i don't know why, but the irony is hilarious to me. lol.

well ok, upon closer analysis, it looks like a monkey too. hahaha. WHICH IS IT?!?!?!

Hanh said...

...it's suppose to be a monkey -_-

amazing said...

lol... man, a monkey and a mouse both look pretty similar. they're both related when you think about it!! i mean, we all came from the first living organism billions of years ago... unless hanhism has a different theory =P

twocentsworth said...

ninja mouse?