Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hi All. I know I'm failing at this "more blogging" thing but the
holiday season is crazy!! I wasn't going to make Christmas cards this
season but my new job is so great and awesome I finished these in
about 3 days. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas and I
will blog before the new year :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010



Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

GOOD bye

Today marked another last day of another company. I believe the sun
moon and stars really tested me with this job. I've never wanted to
curse out so many people within 2 years of my life. It was a seriously
tough road to travel and although I didn't learn anything that would
help me in the program control world, I learned a lot in other things.
Patience, initiative, patience and patience. I believe some good did
come out of this place and I did meet good honest and fun people.
Luckily, I was well compensated and my boss did TRY to look out for
me. There was just too much headache and hostility to handle.
Including my own hostility.. I've started pew-pewing people behind my
cube walls in anger and frustration. I am especially surprised that I
didn't curse the crap out of B.S back in those days because boy did I
come close. See what I mean about patience? Ultimately, even with that
job, I was blessed.
Tomorrow is another day and I hope to never forget what I've been
through the last 2 years. To the future... Cheers!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 4

It's day 4 of being home alone... I'm STARVING... ::claws at fridge and oven::

JK, i'm not STARVING but i am hungry for something delicious and not a left over. BUT I HAVE SO MUCH LEFT OVERS IN THE FRIDGE. Gahh... sacrifice. must sacrifice.

Also - i got the Kinect for xbox. And i got the dance central game.. i'm so-so. But guys, I expect everyone to be doing the Soulja boy dance at my wedding reception. You have a few months to learn. I have every faith in you.


Friday, November 12, 2010


I am aunt 4 to my nieces and nephews and when I skype with my 1 year
old nephew. I sing "tu" which means 4th so he can learn my name. What
does he do? Just dances and shakes his head to it. Cuteness overload!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

On November 5th 2010...

On November 4th, 2010, I was at work.. and created a fabulous form through InfoPath. After creating the form and wow-ing my boss, he asked me to teach him how and I said, "SURE! Also, can I work from home tomorrow?" And he said yes. I wanted to work from home tomorrow because we were suppose to meet with friends to go camping/cabining by 5pm.

Meanwhile, I received an email from the VP, who asked when and where I can meet for an interview. Which worked out well for me since I didn't have to go into the office the next day and so i told him that i would be free all day and could do anytime.

On November 5th, 2010 I woke up, showered and put my suit on. I hate dressing up... Timmy yelled at me for not matching. I was uncomfortable. I think, I'm pretty sure, i can't fit those suit pants anymore. I sat around on the couch. I think i drank coffee, and then I left for my interview.

The interview went well... actually, i guess it went very well. Because I GOT THE JOB. You hear that? I got the freaking JOB. I can now leave my crazyass company with all the craziness and lazy!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO ::running man:: ::robot dance:: ::more running man:: ::jump jump jump:: Pay attention kids, HARD WORK PAYS OFF. So does patience apparently. WOOO-WOOOOOooo

I get home and do some work... eat some left over congee soup.. do some more work.
Then i got tired.. and laid down on my couch and watched CSI. Somewhere in between, Timmy calls and says he has to go buy string and asks me if i need anything. Nope. About two hours go by.. seriously? It takes two hours for string? I call to make sure Timmy is okay. And he is. He comes home about 30 minutes later with an envelope. He says it's his friend's invitation. So i'm like cool. i'm super tired at this point.. i open the envelope. The card is a shimmery purple. I LOVE PURPLE. No name/address on the envelope. The invite is weirdly flat.. i'm all like, wait, where's the response card? I admire the paper some more. I admire the design. Timmy helps me "unwrap" the card. There's nice ribbons around it. Then i read it and start tearing me. It is from Timmy and it is to me and he is proposing.

I look up and I think he's down on both knees and opens up the ring box. I think I nodded and give him a hug. He's still holding the box.. I'm like, am i suppose to pick it up? he picks it up, tells me he's not sure which hand to put it on.

My ring is beautiful. I never thought i'd have such a brilliant and HUGE ring. I am ENGAGED. Everything seems different. Everything seems more permanent? More real? I am engaged.

Sorry for the long post, but I do want to remember this day. This very very special day. Also, there's a video.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Long October

Seriously! Longest. Month. Ever.
But such a beautiful month it is. The view of my backyard from my
bedroom window.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cube View

This is the view from my cubicle. I think I would take a window cube
over a 4 wall office any day. And yes, I use my window as a whiteboard.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

All I Can Eat

Yesterday, to celebrate the fact that i ran a report to find out what my new salary was going to be, me and the boyprend went out to "celebrate". I wanted sushi.. it went from eating at a sushi joint to passion fish to red lobster... yes, we ended up at red lobster, i didn't get any sushi, but the ALL YOU CAN EAT shrimp deal was all like yelling at me.. something about this deal is too good to pass up! And I was all like, dude, i don't even like shrimp that much... but i saw the prices of the other plates and they were about the same or even more than the ALL YOU CAN EAT shrimp... so i was all like fine, fine. All I can eat it is!

I ordered 4 plates with a side of salad and a baked potato. I ordered a 5th plate, i took a bite and had to take it home.
15 minutes later i was ready to die
30 minutes later i was ready to throw up.
hearing the word shrimp makes me want to throw up
writing the word shrimp (because i have to say it in my head when i type it out) makes me want to throw up

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dear Diary

Today, my boyfriend surprised me with a hello kitty iPhone case. Yes I
just went there. Yes, I turned 30 this year. If my LV carrying, Lexus
driving, hello kitty iphoning doesn't scream out ASIAN
girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what will.



Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Over the weekend I found out that my grandfather (on my dad's side) died. First of all, I'd like to rant that I found out through FACEBOOK. My cousin updated her status about "happy times" and then "RIP Grandpa"... i saw it in the morning while i was in bed... and i, for some reason, thought she was talking about her dad's dad which would have no relations to me. Three hours later I looked at the picture she posted and the picture of the grandpa looked familiar. I im'ed my brother and asked.. he confirm.. i was like WTH!
I called my house and talked to my sister who knew that my grandfather wasn't feeling well, but didn't know that he had passed away. My parents were already on their way to the airport - my dad was on his way to Vietnam.
I called my sister so that she didn't have to find out through Facebook like i did. She said she knew... and that she was suppose to call me, but got "sidetracked". $#$)(#)*$?! (#$)(#*???!? WTH!
i was pretty upset!
/end rant

Anyway, you may or may not notice but I am writing this post very matter of factly. Am I upset that my grandfater died? Yes. I am upset, but i am not sad. I am upset because he was my dad's dad and I know that my dad is not taking it too well - how can you take a parent's death well? I am upset because he is family and i'm upset because it is death, but I'm not sad because I didn't know my grandfather at all. I've met him once in my life and we barely said anything to each other. One reason is because my Vietnamese sucks and another is because he was the old typical/traditional Vietnamese male. He wanted food on the table when it was dinner time and what did he have to talk to kids about? Nothing. Even my dad did not communicate with him all that much. So I just wanted to blog that overall - this experience has been really weird for me. For a death to be so close to home, yet so far.

I talked to my mom later on that night to make sure her and my dad were feeling "okay". She rewarded me with a "back-in-the-day" story about life in Vietnam. I LOVE these stories, as it is amazing how much trial and tribulation the family has gone through. I think my parents and my uncles and aunts should share these stories more with the kids so that we don't take things for granted. Instead, we are spoiled U.S. kids, who's parents worked hard to give us clothes and toys and video games while we wonder why life is unfair and have no idea what to do with our lives. Sometimes, when i think of these things, i feel that choice and freedom is just too much for kids to handle. That if we had to actually do what we needed to do to survive like our parents did, it'd be much different. Who cares what we would like to do.. it's about what we have to do to live a life to survive - and then hopefully- we get some sort of reward out of life.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

seeing blood

So me and the boyprend went out to eat last night before i pulled an all nighter for work. AN ALL NIGHTER FOR WORK! That should be an oxymoron or something, I'm not in school, I'm not an consultant, i don't get paid 6 figuers a year, why the hell am I pulling an all nighter. Thankfully that all nighter equaled to not driving into work in the pouring Nicole today. W00t. Oh. so me and the boyprend went to go eat at Mon Ami Gabbi - a french steak house. Awesome frites and stuff like that righ? So i overheard some men ordering their steaks. "Medium please." "Medium well please" and i'm like um.. i wonder if i could have ever dated a guy who eats their steak medium well. I mean, medium is like borderline and i'm sure i can convince him to try and love the medium rare... but medium well? Doesn't men=steak=mediumrare=football=men? Did that equation get effed up somewhere or am i the traditional girl who wants the manly man who can eat their steak medium rare!? I mean if they're ordering medium to medium well - what are they going to think of me when i order my rare beef on the side of my pho? Or when i want to eat beef carpaccio? god dengit, now i want some beef carpaccio, my bf's style of course.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shorty wanna thug

Short post > no post.
I just watched my 2nd episode of Glee and there was a shit load of
crying and tearing up and boys crying. False advertisement with the
name of the show people!!!


Thursday, September 09, 2010


1st game tonight. Live tweeting gibberish @hanhie


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Oui Oui

Oui oui I am blogging during work. I have plans tonight so I most
likely won't get to this very important post. This came in
yesterday... Although I did not notice the package when I came home
but in the morning when I woke up and was making my coffee for the day
(I love coffee) I saw the amazon box and was like hm.. I don't
remember Timmy ordering anything. Well the box was already open and
the only thing in it was other recycled trash so I didn't know what it
was for until...

UNTIL I walked two steps to put sugar in my coffee <3 and there i saw
it. The dish. The dish that will be filled with yummy delicious butter
filled escargo. Hold on I have to wipe my drool. Butter drenched bread
with a butter drenched escargo on top. Yumyumyum. I DO want this dish
to company my usual pate and prosciutto for new years eve but dammit I
want to eat it for dinner NOW just because. The only thing holding me
back is that we cannot find escargot at any of the supermarkets here
which I find ridiculous. We may have to order online but I'm trying to
avoid that. There's nothing like craving for something and then having
to WAIT 3 to 5 days for it to be delivered.
I think I have a video of a completed escargot dish that Timmy's
brother made when we visited in California. I will try to post it to
make the drool factor x 100000!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Birthday Card

I'm still chugging along with making my own cards... i enjoy it, but not as much as sitting around and doing nothing. Once again, laziness wins.

I really want to make a stack of these so that i have them readily available for upcoming birthdays.... by the way, remember the picture of the 4 greeting cards i posted way back when? Still haven't sent them out yet =x. I guess that just proves I can never make a business out of this because I will never mail them out to my customers! Luckily, i have a decent paying day job.

This one is for my friend's birthday, who shares the same birthday as my gregorian birthday!
i'm in love with buttons and hope i can incorporate it in my christmas cards this year in some way. oh man i gotta start making my christmas cards already! At a rate of one card a month, there will be 4 lucky recipients this year. ho ho ho!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Hey... Waitaminute

How am I suppose to blog appropriately if my laptop is always out of
batteries and the charger is always 3 floors away and I'm too lazy to
go up and down or down and up those flight of stairs? IPhone blogging
will have to do for now...

Two summers ago when rockband first came out I bought that for Timmy's
birthday. We rocked out, except it was at a friend's house with their
system. We did the whole career tour thing. Every weekend until like 3
in the morning.. It was insane how dedicated we were to it and we
weren't even good. We all played on medium/maybe hard. Well one day it
all stopped. I think the dude's wife was a teacher so school started
and what not. Two years later Timmy bought me Band Hero and now we are
playing at another couple's house with their system until 2 I'm the
morning (staying up later is way harder as you get older. Anyway, they
got bomb songs now. A Perfect Circle, Muse... Man I wish Our Lady
Peace would join in. We played Free Bird like 5 times... Do you know
how long that damn song is?? Playing these games does make me
appreciate music again. I want to go to a concert now and preferably
not one when someone is going to get booed off stage 2 minutes into a
song. Sometimes, I feel like I'm too old to be doing these kinds of
things. What do 30 somethings do on their free time anyway??

By the way, can you tell that my iPhone has auto correct? All my I's
are capitalized and spelling is correct and shit!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy 90210 Day!

That means i get to bitch slap someone to celebrate the day right?

My cube is right next to the window, so i get really good sunlight in. I leave my blinds up because I love natural light while I'm working. Well this morning with the sunshine pouring in i can actually see my shadow where my cubewall/monitor is. So i'm making shadow puppets (the bird) and my coworker comes up behind me and starts flapping her arms to make a big bird... then i start flapping my arms after her and moving my head so i (we) looked like a big ol bird with 4 wings flying~~ I did yell at her for flapping too fast.

That's how i started my 11 hour work day.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Ahh... the wonderful world of the internet. It can't help you pass hours and hours of your life by, procrastinate, stalk and inspire.

I haven't blogged much lately, but i've been around on the internets, facebooking and tweeting. Trying to keep in touch, trying to remember my life... but seriously, nothing makes you remember more than looking at old pictures and reading the crap you wrote about your own life!

I have a bitter sweet memory about my blogging days. I use to blog almost every day. it was intense. (double rainbow!... see the internet) I was sooooo dramatic in everything, my life, my friends, my love, my heart breaking. When i look back and read it i'm like OMG get a grip of yourself... and i remember, the fights over the words i wrote, the questions about why i wrote the way i did, how come i felt the way that i did. Did i really need to have a discussion about what i blogged about? It was too stressful.

Then i read the "famous" blogs. Dooce (my all time fave), metrodad, weddingbee! People were awesome bloggers. People were awesome writers. Me, i can't even capitalize my i's half of the time. Correct grammar? Nah.. correct punctuation? Nah... but i wanted to write well. Writing well didn't work side by side with my laziness.

So. I stopped blogging. And then tried starting again... but every time i did, i think i was still holding myself back.

Then there was a link:

Ready to have your mind blown away? Arcade Fire makes a movie about your childhood.

and listen to the lyrics!

i love good lyrics.

So i'm back... bad grammar, lowercase i and all

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello 5'4

Escort cards/table seating

Emoticons OR MapleStory characters? That is the question...


Thursday, June 17, 2010


My friend's wife wanted sample of my cards to place in her shop and
then try to sell. So sweet of them but I'm definitely not at that
level yet. I'm like a a 2 out of 20. I did, however, offer to make her
some cards just for practice.
PS - i read on her FB profile that she likes green!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Some pics of us at Mexico.. my all time favorite beach spot now! I can't wait to go back~

Check out for what we ate there =]


chan qua... what is there to do in life?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My own space

A little piece of me