Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Birthday Card

I'm still chugging along with making my own cards... i enjoy it, but not as much as sitting around and doing nothing. Once again, laziness wins.

I really want to make a stack of these so that i have them readily available for upcoming birthdays.... by the way, remember the picture of the 4 greeting cards i posted way back when? Still haven't sent them out yet =x. I guess that just proves I can never make a business out of this because I will never mail them out to my customers! Luckily, i have a decent paying day job.

This one is for my friend's birthday, who shares the same birthday as my gregorian birthday!
i'm in love with buttons and hope i can incorporate it in my christmas cards this year in some way. oh man i gotta start making my christmas cards already! At a rate of one card a month, there will be 4 lucky recipients this year. ho ho ho!

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