Monday, September 06, 2010

Hey... Waitaminute

How am I suppose to blog appropriately if my laptop is always out of
batteries and the charger is always 3 floors away and I'm too lazy to
go up and down or down and up those flight of stairs? IPhone blogging
will have to do for now...

Two summers ago when rockband first came out I bought that for Timmy's
birthday. We rocked out, except it was at a friend's house with their
system. We did the whole career tour thing. Every weekend until like 3
in the morning.. It was insane how dedicated we were to it and we
weren't even good. We all played on medium/maybe hard. Well one day it
all stopped. I think the dude's wife was a teacher so school started
and what not. Two years later Timmy bought me Band Hero and now we are
playing at another couple's house with their system until 2 I'm the
morning (staying up later is way harder as you get older. Anyway, they
got bomb songs now. A Perfect Circle, Muse... Man I wish Our Lady
Peace would join in. We played Free Bird like 5 times... Do you know
how long that damn song is?? Playing these games does make me
appreciate music again. I want to go to a concert now and preferably
not one when someone is going to get booed off stage 2 minutes into a
song. Sometimes, I feel like I'm too old to be doing these kinds of
things. What do 30 somethings do on their free time anyway??

By the way, can you tell that my iPhone has auto correct? All my I's
are capitalized and spelling is correct and shit!


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