Thursday, October 26, 2006

Milestone #? - 8 Years in the Making

Yesterday marked one of the major milestones in my life. Yesterday, I left work at 4:00PM. Got to my college at 4:30PM, handed over my Visa card and paid $50.00 for my Diploma that will be mailed to me by the end of January 2007. Yes, it has taken me 8 years for me to finally finish my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. A few thoughts ran through my head as I was doing this (as I was sorta pissy for them not accepting an AMEX gift cheque... helloooooo who doesn't accept AMEX gift cheques? They're like, actual cash, they can't bounce, I don't have a bill to pay, wtf school? wtf!) I always thought that the $10,000 in school loans and $5,000+ in credit card bills was paying for my college diploma. Obviously, I was totally wrong, it will be the $50.00 dent in my checking account that pays for the diploma! I had the option of writing how my name was to appear on the diploma. I contemplated a few names.

Dr. Hanh

Super Hanh! (exclamation point needed)

Hanh (Vietnamese accent marks included)

Oh my God I can't believe you are mine. Love, Hanh

I paid $50.o0 and all I got was this lousy piece of sh!t.

Hanh says bow to me.

(I know I'm so full of myself, but you knew that because I have a blog.) Anyway, I was thinking if I wrote down any of the above and they didn't write that as is could I ask for my $50.00 back? If I didn't want to dish out the money and didn't get a diploma, does that mean I actually didn't graduate? Will I ever display my diploma in my office? Should I wrap it up and give it to my parents as a gift because that's one out of the three things they really want out of me? (1. College degree, 2. For me to have a Family (proof that I'm not a loser), 3. For me to give them money). I think once I get my diploma, I will throw down a couple of drinks, yell and cry at it, tell it some secrets, put it in a box and seal that shit shut.

What did or would you do with your college diploma?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Holloween Misc.

What is it about the Halloween holiday that it brings out the skimpiness in females? Why is it all of a suddenly okay to wear the outfit that shows the most arms/legs/cleavage on the coldest day where most kids will see you?
Why? Why? Why?
I do have to admit though... it is scary. So without further ado, what should I be for Halloween?
If I have a daughter in the future, she will not be able to dress up as a princess/maid/school girl... what does that leave her for a costume? I'll put a brown paper bag over her head and let her go as a loser. Now that's scary!
I saw a Care Bear costume at Target the other day and I wanted my niece to be a Care Bear. I said, "please please please it would be so cool!!!!!" She said, "umm..." ::diverts eyes:: "wow look at Dora!!" Sigh... 6 years old and already too cool for her aunt.
For some reason, for Halloween, I want to dress in a Care Bear outfit and DDR or Karaoke. That would definitely make my holiday.
I would also like to do that for Christmas and New Years as well.
I suppose the first step would to be invited to a Halloween party...
Feel sorry for me yet? Chocolate makes me happy.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I Fear. - Part 1. The Dark/Night

I fear the dark. No, let me take that back. I fear the night. I sleep fine in the dark. I sleep fine alone in the dark. I sleep fine at night. I sleep fine alone at night. (Most of the time.) Let me explain...

The first time I realized I was scared of the night was back when I was about 7 years old. We lived in this old house in Wisconsin. I was in bed (bottom of a bunk bed). For some reason the lamp was on. I had my eyes wide open and I imagined... I repeat, I IMAGINED a dark shadow figure floating towards me. Slowly it crept... quietly, darkly, intentionally. I got scared. I started to cry. Cry quietly. Why quietly you may ask? Why wasn't I like a normal kid and screamed for my life? Well, because I knew I was imagining it. I knew, it was all in my head. As soon as I looked away the scary shadow would be gone... would no longer be creeping towards me. But I always looked back. I don't know why... I had to question myself if it was still there. Every time I looked it would still be looming towards me... but it never got to me. Coincidently what seemed to be 10 minutes later my mom came into my room and checked on us. Maybe she heard me crying or maybe she noticed my light was still on I don't know. All I know is that she asked why I was crying. And I couldn't answer her. I couldn't say I'm imagining something scary and I KNOW it's all in my head but it's still scaring the shit out of me and that is why I am crying. So... I told her my stomach was hurting. She gave me medicine and I fell asleep. (Wow even when I was younger I knew how the drugs worked!)

During my teenage years, my brain must have been growing all out of wack because horror movies were my favorite. Every horror movie that came out I wanted to watch. I loved being scared. Now? Now not so much. I'm crazy shit paranoid. All those movies I watched, all those scary monsters, dolls, clowns, dead people, etc.? I can see them clearly in my head and that's the worse. Sometimes when I'm lying there at night time I could just see the girl from The Exorcist, out of no where, and I would be totally freaked out.

The last time I saw X-Files (this is to prove how really gay I am, because really, who the hell is afraid of X-Files?) there was this man who rolled himself on a flat board with wheels... he was small and he couldn't walk. That man would somehow crawl into people's bodies and take over their skin. Anyway, after I watched that show I kept imagining him. In the bathroom (at night, with the lights on), in my bedroom, in the kitchen. Anytime it was night out.. and I had the lights on, I would still see him or feel him behind me.

Of course I don't cry anymore... I mean that would just be wack... I have more self control over my over-active imagination... I just wonder why they still creep in my mind like that? Is it some sort of rush my body needs so my mind scares myself? Who knows... all I know is that, no more X-Files, no more scary movies even though its PG-13. I'm a wuss. At least I imagine that I am.

...I'm also not a morning person but that's a whole other post.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Depressed and Suicidal, Every Monday - Friday, 8:45A.M, 1:20PM, 5:30PM

Since I'm older and more "mature" now, I try to keep up with current events so that I don't look like I live in a box and have imaginary friends. My source of choice? http::// (Sorry Google, your news page just doesn't do it for me). Well every time I'm done reading the articles I want to cry and cry and wonder why I do this to myself and how the world hasn't totally blown up yet or that there are dead bodies at my door.

It's all super depressing to me... Every time I'm done with the world news, I'm heartbroken for the people who will never have a chance at living a life without fear of being raped, jailed or killed. Everybody still wants to rule the world. A world where one can lavish in alcohol and look like a superstar while another is drowning in alcohol and looks like death.
A world where children sew clothes for grains of rice where people spend hundreds of dollars on the same clothes.
A world where sex is sold for a profit.
And a profit is lied about to benefit the already wealthy.
Who wants to rule this world?

You can have it. Back to my box and talented cartoonist/blogger!
edit: I think if zombies really existed, people would really think about killing one another.

Monday, October 16, 2006

mMm... you smell like you want to punch me in the face.

I could honestly say that I've travelled more in these last 12 months than I have in my whole lifetime. Not saying that travelling isn't fun or anything because I love new things and I love new environment and I love how people dress/act/talk differently depending what state they live in. What isn't fun is the actual travel part. The 2 hour drive to the airport in game day/rush hour traffic. The run through the airport. The waiting in line through security. The taking off your shoes to have them scanned and standing on that icky gross bacteria infected floor (and feeling way short) all to find out that your flight has been delayed for 2 hours. Therefore, you have to wait on ass-numbing seats and find ways to amuse yourself and not go crazy with the voices in your head.

Anyway, I'm always reading crap about how guys say it sucks when they get turned down and in turn girls say the guys are the ones who need to make the move. Somewhere down the line, someone made a list of "mack lines" that boys may use. This in turn has forced real guys to try to get creative to let the girl know he is interested without the risk of sounding corny and plain dumb. Well, that's all fine and dandy but hello internet world, is there a list out there where guys shouldn't use. Or, is there a *ding* in your head to tell you that you probably shouldn't be using that line?

Okay, what do the two have in common? Well, I'm glad I asked. So with me being in 79% bitch mode because of the traffic I was totally not in the mood when the "security guard" (the one who checks your i.d. and ticket before going through security) said to me, "You smell good."

I said, "WHAT?!" (It could have been you smiled good, I don't know)
he looked down and said more quietly, "You smell good."
he handed back my stuff and whispered, "...yes"

Dude, highly inappropriate! I wanted to punch him but thought I was going to be late for my flight. Silly me....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Because I'm a Girl, part 1

Amazingly, sometimes good things come out of working. I get fwds, AND, I actually read them. It's a great breaker between my blog reading and um... working. So approximately 4 weeks I go I got this wonderful fwd from a friend in regards to eyeslipsface products. All makeup products AND tools AND cases for a dollar?! I don't believe.

So of course I half-assed researched the site... decided to get Mr. Man T's opinion and he said hey, why not??

So we ordered... 2 weeks went by and I was furious. I wanted makeup to play with! Their website doesn't work! (I couldn't log on into my account.) I did a little more research and I read some reviews on them, some bad but most good... so I decided to push it out of my mind and not go into a frenzy. Of course I also wasn't too worried because Mr. Man T said that they didn't even charge his cc yet. After bitching and complaining to Mr. Man T some more before letting it go he ninjaly called them and basically said, "hey, give my woman her makeup or..._______"

Whataya know, 4 weeks later I get this huge box and my makeup came in!!

Most of my makeup on my bed. (I forgot to take a picture and I already opened up a few of them)
You can buy the compacts pre-filled our fill them with any color or products yourself. I'm mostly an eyeshadow kind-of-girl. So that was 70% of my colors. You can mix and match between eyeshadow, lip color, or blush. The colors are easy to take out and of course refill!

All my new makeup in a bag. Yes it's a lot.
I tested some colors and they are okay. I'd rate it 7 out of 10. Maybe as good as products you'd find at normal shops (cvs,target) I tried an eyeshadow but it didn't stay intact all day... kinda melted. (I'm not one to retouch.) The lip gloss/chap stick works well. The brush hair isn't immediately falling out like some brushes you buy.
Best part? They all have spf15. (Cheap and good!)
Bestest part. Still 1 dollar each. Shipping 5 dollars (flat rate)

Would I shop there again? Hell yea. Husbands/boyfriends, let your significant other know... actually don't, just buy them a bunch and watch their eyes light up like it's Christmas!!!
(Please also clear bathroom space for the makeup)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My fucking base is under fucking attack....

The Asian in me started playing this game back in college years and the boredom in me has started up again. Since I do have more self control now I've only played a few games so far and have not played until 4a.m. or until I had to go to work. Anyway, as the people I have to work with piss me off I think of how I wish I could send over some 2 inch zealots and destroy someones desk and torture them as they go "aHh!" to their ultimate death.
I've only learned how to play the Protoss race and refuse to move on until I have ultimately mastered it. (Never.) Don't worry, me playing starcraft is not time spent in vain. I definitely get some practice on scolding and comforting... that's right, sc helps my future parenting skills.

When my zealot is about to go attack, I yell, "go! go! go!" translates to - when my kid is getting ready for school, I will yell "go! go! go!"

When my zealot dies and fails at an attempt to kill and conquer, I say, "aw, don't worry z' you have not died in vain. Revenge!!" translates to - when my kid fails to score (well) at a test/game, I will say, "aw don't worry z' you have not failed in game/test, REVENGE!!!"

When my stupid fat goons get stuck in some idiotic corner and can't get out, I say, "fuck you fat fucks stop being a waste of a space and attack!" translates to - when my kid becomes overweight and can't walk up the stairs and I'm stuck behind him, I will say, ".... you're wasting space! Attack!! (the stairs)"

When my peon isn't working and instead is stuck in some corner and unable to get out. ::aim cannon at peon. kills peon:: translates to - When my kid isn't doing his homework and is instead stuck in some corner and unable to get out. ::aim cannon at kid...::

So, if you'd like a free win or continue my quest to be more loving to my future kids, you can find me in SC at


p.s. yes, i can blog at work (yay!)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

hello my name is hanh and this is my blog.
that's the only intro you'll get.

My bf, Mr. Man T., is a master chef in disguise of a jeweler. Since he hasn't been able to bestow his cooking abilities lately he has outsourced his gianormous talents in cooking on me. Me, who has not cooked a single dish (besides eggs/instant noodles/beef & [insert vegetable here]) for 24 years of my existing life. Me, who burnt the one time I tried to cook chicken fried steak. Me, who only made cake out of a box (woot). Me.

My mom has told me numerous times that I will never be able to cook for my husband which made me insist on finding a husband who would be able to cook for me. (So far I am on track.)

Anyway, since I'm as n00b as you can get with cooking, I thought I'd share some hard dishes in an easy to do way for anyone who likes living on the edge of a butcher knife for once.

Hanh trying to cook take 4.5

Bun Bo Hue! Translated: Noodles Beef Hue (city in Vietnam)!

Beef Shank (2-5lbs depending how much meat you likey)
Bun Bo Hue Powder 1 (ask the Asian Market lady)
Onion 1
Lemongrass 4 (ask the Asian Market lady)
Garlic (lots)
Pig leg (2-4 legs depending how much pig legs you likey)
Shrimp sauce in brine 1 jar (ask the Asian Market lady)
MSG (if you want your mother to yell at you)
Chicken Broth 4 cans
Rice Vermicelli 2 packages

Shrimp chips 1 bag (to eat while you're prepping)

For the rest of the ingredients I will assume you have in your kitchen... if not I give you this face -_-

The rest is going to go really fast cuz details suck and all the n00bs know that we'll lose interest if it seems to complicated in 5 nano seconds so ready set, go!

Take two pots, one medium size (enough to fit your pig legs) and one b i g (for the broth).
Boil both separately.

Rub salt on your pig legs, like you're massaging oil on a fat lady's thighs.
Medium water comes to boil, throw pig legs in. Take out after 20 mins after water boils up again.
Meanwhile slice up your beef. This shit is hard, you must have a sharp knife. If you don't go out and buy one. Now. or ask your neighbor.

Put the sliced meat up in a big bowl. Slice up a whole onion and add that too.
Also throw in Shrimp sauce like 6 big spoon fulls, don't go cheap on that shit.
Take the bottom of the lemongrass (the whitish part) and about 8 cloves of garlic. Put it in a food processor and chop it up. Add that with the beef as well.
3-4 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of pepper
2 tablespoons of msg (again, if you want your mom to yell at you)
6-7 sprites of fish sauce. No fish sauce?! Asian market lady.
Add one packet of bun bo hue powder

(all numbers are estimates cuz I won't know how much meat ya'll will use. Anyway, less is better (for now) you can always add flavor after the fact. Man I feel so smart right now...

By this time your pig legs should be done, take that shit out and rinse with cold water. Then drop it in with your chicken broth. Add a can of water too.

Fry the meat in a big pan or pot. Fry your meat for about 10-15 minutes. Dump it into the chicken broth
Boil for 1 1/2 hours.
Take one lemongrass and bash the bottom of it. Throw that in the pot.
Cook for another 30 minutes.

Cook your rice vermicelli... uh follow directions on the bag (its kinda like spaghetti)

Put rice vermicelli in a bowl. Pour broth over bowl. Add green onions, cilantro and bean sprouts.

Eat that shit with chopsticks.
Cry from the spiciness and that you've made one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. Ever.


4 Hours (includes shopping time)
Approx 30. dollars (feeds 10+ ppl)
Your mom yelling at you for using msg (and perhaps chicken broth from a can)
Tears from cutting an onion
Food coma



Thursday, October 05, 2006