Thursday, October 26, 2006

Milestone #? - 8 Years in the Making

Yesterday marked one of the major milestones in my life. Yesterday, I left work at 4:00PM. Got to my college at 4:30PM, handed over my Visa card and paid $50.00 for my Diploma that will be mailed to me by the end of January 2007. Yes, it has taken me 8 years for me to finally finish my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. A few thoughts ran through my head as I was doing this (as I was sorta pissy for them not accepting an AMEX gift cheque... helloooooo who doesn't accept AMEX gift cheques? They're like, actual cash, they can't bounce, I don't have a bill to pay, wtf school? wtf!) I always thought that the $10,000 in school loans and $5,000+ in credit card bills was paying for my college diploma. Obviously, I was totally wrong, it will be the $50.00 dent in my checking account that pays for the diploma! I had the option of writing how my name was to appear on the diploma. I contemplated a few names.

Dr. Hanh

Super Hanh! (exclamation point needed)

Hanh (Vietnamese accent marks included)

Oh my God I can't believe you are mine. Love, Hanh

I paid $50.o0 and all I got was this lousy piece of sh!t.

Hanh says bow to me.

(I know I'm so full of myself, but you knew that because I have a blog.) Anyway, I was thinking if I wrote down any of the above and they didn't write that as is could I ask for my $50.00 back? If I didn't want to dish out the money and didn't get a diploma, does that mean I actually didn't graduate? Will I ever display my diploma in my office? Should I wrap it up and give it to my parents as a gift because that's one out of the three things they really want out of me? (1. College degree, 2. For me to have a Family (proof that I'm not a loser), 3. For me to give them money). I think once I get my diploma, I will throw down a couple of drinks, yell and cry at it, tell it some secrets, put it in a box and seal that shit shut.

What did or would you do with your college diploma?


dork said...

I'd have to say crumble it, rip it, then shred it. after youre done, you can glue it all together. Kinda explain what you have to go thru during your stage of school, all the stress and frustration you have to endure. Once the gluing is done.. hang it up and enjoy it while you can.. =P YOU DID IT!!! CONGRATZZZ!!!!!

honglien123 said...

Congrats on the degree, it took my hubs 7 years to finish his BA in Communications. I believe I will love it more than he will love it and we will have to find a special place for it above the toilet. Mine will probably end up right above his. Any masters degrees though, those we might just hand over to the parents so they can leave us alone.