Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Depressed and Suicidal, Every Monday - Friday, 8:45A.M, 1:20PM, 5:30PM

Since I'm older and more "mature" now, I try to keep up with current events so that I don't look like I live in a box and have imaginary friends. My source of choice? http::// (Sorry Google, your news page just doesn't do it for me). Well every time I'm done reading the articles I want to cry and cry and wonder why I do this to myself and how the world hasn't totally blown up yet or that there are dead bodies at my door.

It's all super depressing to me... Every time I'm done with the world news, I'm heartbroken for the people who will never have a chance at living a life without fear of being raped, jailed or killed. Everybody still wants to rule the world. A world where one can lavish in alcohol and look like a superstar while another is drowning in alcohol and looks like death.
A world where children sew clothes for grains of rice where people spend hundreds of dollars on the same clothes.
A world where sex is sold for a profit.
And a profit is lied about to benefit the already wealthy.
Who wants to rule this world?

You can have it. Back to my box and talented cartoonist/blogger!
edit: I think if zombies really existed, people would really think about killing one another.


dorko said...

You know.. i cant agree more.. the sad part is.. its not going to get any better... however, to make you feel a tad better, there are some reserchers out there whom are trying to make a different.. yet of course, easier said than done..

amazing said...

HEEEY! ironically, i prefer yahoo news over google too. except i use google for actual searches (both site and image), mail (although i use both) and basically everything else. i don't go to though. just the yahoo homepage where i click on the top headlines.

as long as human societies exist, there will always be corruption. that's inevitable, as sad as it may sound.

and i don't care about zombies. i care about female vampires! with halloween coming soon, there should be a bunch of'em wandering the streets looking for candy. i can't wait! yum yum =D

-hanh- said...

flushie- I don't care what people say about you, you truly are a f r e a k.
No contest.

dorko said...

HA... i had to.. it described all of me.. the wacko, dorko, alcoholic, silliness side of me... Words can not say it better than that picture.. =)

amazing said...

so i'm a freak... a "closet mack" (as i have just been called by someone at the office an hour ago)... a "womanizer"... anything else you would like to add?!

man, i wish i had time to blog at work. it's been crazy hectic the past few weeks :(