Thursday, October 12, 2006

Because I'm a Girl, part 1

Amazingly, sometimes good things come out of working. I get fwds, AND, I actually read them. It's a great breaker between my blog reading and um... working. So approximately 4 weeks I go I got this wonderful fwd from a friend in regards to eyeslipsface products. All makeup products AND tools AND cases for a dollar?! I don't believe.

So of course I half-assed researched the site... decided to get Mr. Man T's opinion and he said hey, why not??

So we ordered... 2 weeks went by and I was furious. I wanted makeup to play with! Their website doesn't work! (I couldn't log on into my account.) I did a little more research and I read some reviews on them, some bad but most good... so I decided to push it out of my mind and not go into a frenzy. Of course I also wasn't too worried because Mr. Man T said that they didn't even charge his cc yet. After bitching and complaining to Mr. Man T some more before letting it go he ninjaly called them and basically said, "hey, give my woman her makeup or..._______"

Whataya know, 4 weeks later I get this huge box and my makeup came in!!

Most of my makeup on my bed. (I forgot to take a picture and I already opened up a few of them)
You can buy the compacts pre-filled our fill them with any color or products yourself. I'm mostly an eyeshadow kind-of-girl. So that was 70% of my colors. You can mix and match between eyeshadow, lip color, or blush. The colors are easy to take out and of course refill!

All my new makeup in a bag. Yes it's a lot.
I tested some colors and they are okay. I'd rate it 7 out of 10. Maybe as good as products you'd find at normal shops (cvs,target) I tried an eyeshadow but it didn't stay intact all day... kinda melted. (I'm not one to retouch.) The lip gloss/chap stick works well. The brush hair isn't immediately falling out like some brushes you buy.
Best part? They all have spf15. (Cheap and good!)
Bestest part. Still 1 dollar each. Shipping 5 dollars (flat rate)

Would I shop there again? Hell yea. Husbands/boyfriends, let your significant other know... actually don't, just buy them a bunch and watch their eyes light up like it's Christmas!!!
(Please also clear bathroom space for the makeup)


Dorko said...

damn girl.. hahah.. if you dont have time to use them all make sure you share the wealth.. as much as Mr. Man T clears out the space for ya.. i think you need a bathroom of your own to store them all.. hahah.. =P

amazing said...

got damn, can you have enough make-up to play with!? lol. well i guess interests between males and females differ... but i can't imagine being happy about having so much junk. haha. *hides*

it was RIDICULOUSLY busy for me last week, so i rarely got the opportunity to even read your entry. my bad!! i wasn't trying to neglect you or nothing!!