Thursday, September 30, 2010

seeing blood

So me and the boyprend went out to eat last night before i pulled an all nighter for work. AN ALL NIGHTER FOR WORK! That should be an oxymoron or something, I'm not in school, I'm not an consultant, i don't get paid 6 figuers a year, why the hell am I pulling an all nighter. Thankfully that all nighter equaled to not driving into work in the pouring Nicole today. W00t. Oh. so me and the boyprend went to go eat at Mon Ami Gabbi - a french steak house. Awesome frites and stuff like that righ? So i overheard some men ordering their steaks. "Medium please." "Medium well please" and i'm like um.. i wonder if i could have ever dated a guy who eats their steak medium well. I mean, medium is like borderline and i'm sure i can convince him to try and love the medium rare... but medium well? Doesn't men=steak=mediumrare=football=men? Did that equation get effed up somewhere or am i the traditional girl who wants the manly man who can eat their steak medium rare!? I mean if they're ordering medium to medium well - what are they going to think of me when i order my rare beef on the side of my pho? Or when i want to eat beef carpaccio? god dengit, now i want some beef carpaccio, my bf's style of course.

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Mr Saint said...

Medium Well. I am not sure if i heard it before.