Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Ahh... the wonderful world of the internet. It can't help you pass hours and hours of your life by, procrastinate, stalk and inspire.

I haven't blogged much lately, but i've been around on the internets, facebooking and tweeting. Trying to keep in touch, trying to remember my life... but seriously, nothing makes you remember more than looking at old pictures and reading the crap you wrote about your own life!

I have a bitter sweet memory about my blogging days. I use to blog almost every day. it was intense. (double rainbow!... see the internet) I was sooooo dramatic in everything, my life, my friends, my love, my heart breaking. When i look back and read it i'm like OMG get a grip of yourself... and i remember, the fights over the words i wrote, the questions about why i wrote the way i did, how come i felt the way that i did. Did i really need to have a discussion about what i blogged about? It was too stressful.

Then i read the "famous" blogs. Dooce (my all time fave), metrodad, weddingbee! People were awesome bloggers. People were awesome writers. Me, i can't even capitalize my i's half of the time. Correct grammar? Nah.. correct punctuation? Nah... but i wanted to write well. Writing well didn't work side by side with my laziness.

So. I stopped blogging. And then tried starting again... but every time i did, i think i was still holding myself back.

Then there was a link:

Ready to have your mind blown away? Arcade Fire makes a movie about your childhood.

and listen to the lyrics!

i love good lyrics.

So i'm back... bad grammar, lowercase i and all

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aMAZing said...

Is it bad that I know what you're referring to when you talk about your old blogs? hahaha. Welcome back to your non-food, stream-of-consciousness-type blog site. (Wait, why am I welcoming you back to your place??)

Good luck on keeping up with the blogs. I created a new account back in June, and I've written one blog in the past month and a half due to time constraints and whatnot. lol. Clearly, blogging isn't my priority!