Thursday, October 21, 2010

All I Can Eat

Yesterday, to celebrate the fact that i ran a report to find out what my new salary was going to be, me and the boyprend went out to "celebrate". I wanted sushi.. it went from eating at a sushi joint to passion fish to red lobster... yes, we ended up at red lobster, i didn't get any sushi, but the ALL YOU CAN EAT shrimp deal was all like yelling at me.. something about this deal is too good to pass up! And I was all like, dude, i don't even like shrimp that much... but i saw the prices of the other plates and they were about the same or even more than the ALL YOU CAN EAT shrimp... so i was all like fine, fine. All I can eat it is!

I ordered 4 plates with a side of salad and a baked potato. I ordered a 5th plate, i took a bite and had to take it home.
15 minutes later i was ready to die
30 minutes later i was ready to throw up.
hearing the word shrimp makes me want to throw up
writing the word shrimp (because i have to say it in my head when i type it out) makes me want to throw up

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