Friday, May 11, 2007


Hello, my name is Hanh, and i am a Google whore.
It actually just started recently, i mean I've always had a gmail account... last year i signed up for blogger, now i have: gchat; igoogle; greader; gcalendar; gnotebook; gdocuments; sms notifications sent to my cellphone from gcalendar; a new gmail acct; and I'm looking into Orkut looks like a gayspace type deal but without all the 8 year olds?! We'll see... i mean does anyone else use all these products as much as i do?!

I actually miss the whole internet interaction thingy... meet strangers online, see them at the same place everyday to chat... actually get to know them and become friends with them... i mean, do people still do that now a days in chat rooms? or is it all about the hooking up? the whole a/s/l/pic? thing just totally killed it. Now I'm thinking about hooking up the internet to my wii so i can play against other ppl and meet them that way... or starcraft again, but in sc, people only want to talk to you if you're good... and i'm not....hmmm what else is out there now a days??

In other news, we finally got a full size length mirror so now i can check out my awsomeness all at once without having to climb ontop of the toilet.

E: dudeeee i totally forgot about Kphooey's birthday, i'm sorry dude! happy birthday and rock on!! (oh young 1)


amazing said...

wow, you're really using everything google has to offer, aren't you? honestly, i didn't even realize how many services/features they had. the only one i really looked into was the excel-like spreadsheet one that i figured i could use for work (from home). i don't have internet access on my phone either, so there's no point me getting "updates" and stuff like that... although i wish that my company could've given me a blackberry so i can play around with it on my free time. lol.

what the heck is an Orkut? i never heard of that. if it's anything like myspace though, i don't wanna have anything to do with it. i already have a ton of accounts on the internet ranging from shopping sites to journals to e-mails. some people are telling me to get a, uh... shoot, i forgot the other networking site that's 2nd in popularity to myspace. the one with all the college students? ahh... facebooK! there we go!! i heard something about them opening up accounts to non-college students too, but i really couldn't care less about getting one. i think a myspace is enough, considering how i'm not looking to make friends or anything! (on a side note, remember asian avenue? hahaha.)

man, i haven't gone into a chat room in so long... lol i wonder what aol chat rooms look like nowadays? i wonder if there are proggies out there that plays random mp3s for you? or blocks certain people in the room that you find annoying? .play 50 cent! .x hanhie!

ok i just realized i got sidetracked from finishing my comments for about four hours. haha. GEEZ.

twocentsworth said...

man... you still get a/s/l? i think it's those teenage chat rooms that you're still trying to fit in with... :-P