Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Analysts analyze on their free time:

I've calculated and "analyzed" that if i keep at the rate on which i'm paying my CC bills i will be completely CC debt free by May of 2009.

....MAY OF 2009!!!!!

That's less than 2 years away. Not bad, but not good either. I've really tried to lower my spending habits, i.e. no more expensive clothes, make-up for no reason....uh that's all i can think of right now. One thing I have not been able to stop doing is NOT eating out. Damn why do I have to be such a good cook in just four things?! Those four things include rice and ramen noodles.

But the more i think about it the more i'm excited about what I can do in 2 years... because truthfully after those bills are paid off i'm going to have madddddddd $$ in the b@nk $0n.

I miss travelling so much, but i know that in 2 years i'll be able to go on, not one, but a lot of awesome trips... AND not have to worry about CC debt.

People always say, "debt" will always be there, yeah sure, but CC debt definitely does not have to be there ALL the time. I can definitely live without that sort of stress thank-you-very-much. So I think taking a trip now while this huge thing is hanging over my head is soooOOo not worth it.

In the mean time I've ransacked my brain for "new" things that I can do and won't have to spend loads of $ on. Here's my list:

1. Get better at SC (of course...somehow, some way, i will!)
2. Start learning how to play the guitar. I have the guitar, i have the resources, what the hell is stopping me?!
3. Find more Anime to watch. Any suggestions?
4. KARAOKE! LA! LA! LA! Yeah, this is $ but one disc can last me months. (Takes me awhile to memorize those dayum Vietnamese lyrics)
5. Once i got some really great basic guitar stuff down, start singing (my own words)- Rock star in my own house here i come!
6. Learn how to cook more?! Maybe...
7. Uh hello all these free Museums in D.C. I must check out.
9. DC Zoo
10. Must.Take.More.Pictures
11. BLOG!!
12. Oh yeah, and

Anyone have a list of what they want to do or do more of?

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amazing said...

my gosh, you write the longest entries when i'm the most busiest!!

i'm so glad i'm not a girl. i don't have to worry about the newest make-up products coming out and all that. haha. there must be websites for things like this, aren't there?! "hey girl, heard about the new prada shoes? that ish is banging!! coach just came out with a HOT $350 bag yesterday too!" meanwhile, we guys be talking about what's going on in the sports world, which i find is more interesting =)

where in the world do you wanna take a trip out to anyway? you went out to cali or something last summer. vietnam next year? =O

heh no suggestion here about any anime you can watch. the ones that are popular in the u.s. aren't exactly the ones i like reading comic books for.

you should go out to the driving range if you can find a place around there. good stress-relieving place =)