Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I just got my dual monitors set up. Now I'm efficient as ever.
Somebody stop me before my keyboard/mouse/brain breaks!!
...damn I have no other excitement in my life. -_-


amazing said...

wow, sleepyhead's living lavishly with dual monitors. lol. i've never had the luxury of using one (or heck, even seeing one in front of me!), but that's certainly gotta be cool... erR... or maybe of annoyance since it takes so much space on your desk!!

last night i went to a "welcome" dinner for 18 new employees + all the higher-ups with the company, and i ended up drinking six jack & cokes in 2 1/2 hours. needless to say, i passed out upon getting home around 9:30 PM... then for some reason, i woke up at 1:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep until 3:30 AM. wtf. say bye-bye to the extra sleep i thought i'd be getting. and it's another long day today of not sitting in front of the computer. wish me luck =(

hanh said...

I can't believe you got drunk in front of your "higher ups". Isn't that the biggest no-no in the business world?

I have the L shape desk so it only takes up one side... the other side is for the paperwork, i'm organized, unlike someone... but damn i remember my first "real" office job, my desk was a total mess, i couldn't even see the brown on it.

Anyway, i'm back on for SC this saturday, are you?!

Rodrigo said...

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amazing said...

the higher-ups think highly of me, as well as the vast majority of those in the company who i have worked with directly, so me acting a bit rebellious at times isn't a problem. lol. i mean, it's not like i was saying anything offensive to anyone at the dinner!!

my desk = u-shaped. because i'm important like that. huge space compared to most people too. the only thing is that it's not an office like yours =(

why did the last game take SO LONG!? i was dying of hunger before we started playing, so you better believe my stomach was growling and making a ton of noise by the end of it!! (don't do random species or whatever next time!!)

hanh said...

Dude, it took long because i said i was going to let you take the enemy out and i'll be there just to save you... so i was just fooling around until you told me to help!

So...when's our next game?

amazing said...

haha you could've came and helped me out earlier! i thought you just wanted me to get dragoons and build cannons! and you gotta give me some shortcut keys, man. it was taking way too long for me to get my men moving. ugh.

next game = sometime soon. not today. i'm DEAD tired right now. too many things to do!!