Friday, July 06, 2007


...said I should blog about this, so here it goes:

Ever been in a car accident where your chest is bruised/in pain from your body jerking against the seat belt?

Ever had hiccups while you still had this sort of chest pain?


Each hiccup feels like the bones in your chest are about to explode.

How do you stop yourself from hiccuping?

Crying from the pain of course.


honglien123 said...

Girl...did you go and get into a car accident?? With your leased Lexus? Oh hells no...

You need yourself some water and some holding of the breath. Hiccups happen when you swallow air too quickly (or some such nonsense). Good luck!

amazing said...

Awww sleepyhead, I hope you're feeling better now that it's been over a week since you were involved in an accident :( I might've not told you this, but this past winter I almost completely totaled my car after hopping a curb on snowy/icy road conditions. I missed slamming into the pole by less than a foot!! That was scary...

Did you enjoy your weekend? How was the wedding? Do you wanna get married soon? hahaha.

And in response to your comment on my blog, once you play with the iPhone, you're gonna be spoiled. The Blackberry's gonna feel sooooo cheap!!