Wednesday, July 18, 2007

(Gross) Product Reviews:

Just a few thoughts that crossed my mind this morning as I was driving 5 MPH down the highway to work.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer is probably the best lip moisturizer i've used out there and trust me, i've used them all, from regular old chapstick to name brands like Origins and Aveda. They've all probably made my lips moist for about 3 seconds when i feel like i need to lick them to moisturize them again on my own causing my lips to peel, causing me to pick at them. Gross huh? I mean, I don't want a lip moisturizer where I have to apply every freaking 5 minutes. I want to apply maybe at max 3 times a day. Well, I gotta say, I think Neutrogena might be the one. It leaves a different kind of soft and there's no greasy feeling. There's no mint or cherry though for those of you who are into that kind of stuff (gross).

Another product is Yaz. Everyone's favorite topic to read about - Birth Control Pills... it's suppose to reduce your PMS and your period. Well, now that I've been on it for a full 3 months now I've gotta say... PMS is still there, but not a few days like it use to be, maybe more like 1 where I think the world is a shitty place and everything makes me cry. But the actual period?? 2 DAYS!? Could it be?? A little on the expensive side, but I guess it's worth it, so instead of 4 days of crying and 5 days of bleeding, it's been reduced dramatically. Who wants to be a girl again??

In other non-disgusting news, my best friend has started a blog (finally!)... so if you'd like to hear about what normal girls like to talk about you should definitely check her out and show your support. Plus, who doesn't love a girl who knows her sports? Right Flushie?! Now go read her my 3 readers!

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i used to use those chapstick thingies when i was little, but they were disgusting to the point that i haven't tried it since. it might've been because i had the licorice flavor? blegh! i don't even know how people can like that flavor!! some of my classmates (this was back in 1st grade) chewed it and ate it. YUCK!!

lol @ "Yaz"... not the product you described because hey, i'm a guy. i know nothing about that and i'm content with staying ignorant! but my chemistry teacher in high school called me "Yaz" by combining my last name initial and the nickname most people called me by, "Maz". brings back memories, man. (and no, i will not comment on that part of your entry!!)

i know a girl who's crazy about sports already, and if anything, she scares me because the girl's totally obsessed. she got mad at me for taking bad pictures of her when we went to play pool the other day =(