Friday, July 27, 2007

Rocking in my own world. .....errr living room.

For the BF's birthday I didn't buy him anything. There, I said it, I'm a bad gf. I actually thought about it... but not for very long. I'm just clueless like that. I decided to cook him that BBH recipe THAT HE GAVE ME instead. Which was a lot of work on my end, and it took more preparation than thinking and buying a gift. There, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

Anyway- so the BF decided he wanted to go out and buy something on his own for his birthday... and decided to get Guitar Hero II for the XBOX 360 (which, btw, i got for his bday last year... take away my negative points!) Anyway, this is a game where i can use my fast typing skills on.... if... I was typing with only THREE fingers. Yes, you're suppose to use 4... but I just can't use my pinky... it refuses to work! And then the combo middle and pinky finger? nah-uh, not working. But hey, if you guys ever want to hear me play the easy version of a rock song AND hear me sing along, give me a call! (paypal accepted...through the BF's account) Of course the BF is getting pretty good at it, the only non-rockstar like quality he has when he does is when he uses the "Star Power". Plus what big guy wouldn't look funny with a puny toy guitar? =P

So speaking of birthdays.... mine is coming up! This year, for some reason, I don't really care, I don't want to do anything special, I don't want to shop my ass off (which i normally do), i don't want any pinky st. dolls for my collection, all i want is some home made pho!! If this is cooked by my BF that's an EXTRA BONUS. But any home made pho would make my bday like YUM. Yup, that's all I want. Restaurant pho just isn't doing for me anymore. I guess as you get older you realize what is really important in life? no? I mean I knew food meant a lot to me, but home made food?! sigh...

On rocking at work:
Work has definitely picked up. I'm no longer sitting around twiddling my thumbs... but as you can see, i still have time to blog! Well, no matter how stressed out i get about this job, no matter how busy i am, i still feel bored. I really thought once i knew what i was doing and i had all this responsibility i would start liking it. Well, I don't. Shh... don't tell Flushie, but i'm going to apply for his company, work for the Japanese and have the possibility of going to Japan?! Boooooooonusssssssss. Oh yeah... first I have to figure out what the company's name is.

Damn you for being afraid of stalkers flushie!


amazing said...

i'll get to commenting on the rest of your entry later (i'm soooooo busy today!!), but ahahhahah @ the last paragraph!!

1) you just moved, so i don't think you'd want to move again, even though my company has branches in various parts of the country. they have one in d.c. actually, but they're not looking for anyone there right now ;P

2) you wanna go to japan for what, anime? don't think i haven't been checking out your away messages!!

one of my co-workers got me and two other colleagues of mine two samples of the acqua de gio cologne the other day because they were giving'em out at her gym.

we sprayed it on one of the guys (who doesn't wear a cologne) in my cubicle this morning, and it smells like acqua de gio now. turning females' heads here. lol.

linni said...

take me with u if ur going to japan
kthx :)

amazing said...

ya boy's been ridiculously busy lately at work, in case you haven't noticed. and some ish is happening where we might be losing a department members, so this is going to SUCK. i'm stressed the hell out. ugh.

i don't know anybody that plays guitar hero, but i keep hearing about it. heh what is that game anyway... you play an air guitar?!?!?

rock on, homie.

hanh said...

not an air guitar, a toy guitar. I know it's not your thing since they only have rock songs and not any cheesey love songs with a mix of rap.

sorry to hear about your coworkers!

amazing said...

hahahah well sue me for not having grown up listening to rock music! HEY, one of my co-workers got me tickets to go see a Goo Goo Dolls and Lifehouse concert with her two weeks ago. Aren't you proud of me?!?!?

Megz978 said...

The preggie thing? To answer your question: NO!

That guitar hero game sounds fun....=]

Happy Belated B-Day to your BF, my Dear.

Talk to you soon!

twocentsworth said...

sweet child of mine is the bestest song... :-D play it on hard... co-op and workout those fingers...