Saturday, August 04, 2007


It's summer... you're like duh- it's been summer for about 2 months now.
Well to me, it hasn't felt like summer. There are several reasons...

Back in the day when I was living with my parents, they didn't believe in air conditioning. Well, they did, but for like 2 rooms. That's it. The entire house would be hotter than outside, except for the basement, it was a bit cool down there... so I always felt the "heat" of summer when it was summer. I would be sweating my ass off in my own house...eating hot Pho. Damn it's good to be Vietnamese.

We'd have occasional summer cookouts, where my mom would try to grill everything possible, fish, cucumbers, tofu, whatever. It even got the the point where they built a gas stove outside where they can make the hot pho out in the hot weather, heh. I had a decent size backyard... green grass, a garden, some cheapo hammock from Vietnam where I would fall asleep on after work and then wake up with a start from being afraid of being bit by bugs.

Oh my god... i haven't gotten bit by a mosquito yet this summer! DUDE! That has got to be the most bizarre thing for me, i use to get eaten alive during the summer by mosquitoes, now..nothing... i don't know if i'm happy or sad... okay i'm happy, but a weird kind of happy... it means that I haven't hung outside in the evening during summer! the best part of summer for me was when the sun was down, there was a cool breeze going through the hot summer night... and i'd be outside with friends, talking shit about someone, while Linni was inside karaoking... heh, that's summer.

Now, i go from a home that's kept at a 71 degree temperature to an office that's kept at a 50 degree temperature... the only time i feel "heat" is when i leave it at 80 degrees in my car... so i can let the blood in my veins warm up from the 8 hours at work.... sigh... so right now, i'm sitting out on my mini balcony... just me, the spider and it's web, some Sapporo and the nice heat. It actually doesn't feel hot to me... it feels normal. So right now, this to me, is the beginning of my summer... I guess I can put on some karaoke and pretend Linni is singing.

I know, this post makes no sense, even more so than my usual posts.. but that's because the heat's affecting my head. goal!!


amazing said...

what's up with the layout change and the new banner?! haha. although the colors are on the girly side, i'm feeling it! and awwww... there's a cute little photo of hanhie on the side ;P (wtf is that teletubbie-looking monkey creature on your shirt anyway.)

it's ironic you brought up eating hot pho in the middle of summer without air conditioning, though. i was just watching this japanese variety show on youtube last week where comedians participate in a quiz game, and if they get an answer wrong or lose in a competition, they're penalized.

the penalty in this one game? the temperature is in the 40s, and while the winners -- about 7 of'em -- get to enjoy a body-warming, full-course meal inside a luxurious hotel, the two losers had to drink ice coffee, eat cold noodles & ice cream for dessert while wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. lol.

you're into the whole japanese culture thing (anime + Sapporo?!?!), so i guarantee you'd enjoy the variety shows in japan too. give it a chance if you ever get to find some clips with subtitles =)

maaan, i hate the office during the summer too. the friggin' air conditioner in here always seems to be on full blast... because this ish is broken!! it could be 90 outside and it'd be in the 60s in here. so yeah, i can relate to how you're feeling during the day ;(

linni said...


Hanh said...

maz- those japanese game shows kind of freak me out, because they are uber weird. no offense, i'll stick with the anime, at least i know that the weirdness is just a cartooney weird. the character on my tshirt is from i got it for my bday, it's a grumpy purple character... which. my bf said looks exactly like me.

linni- i was really trying to call you a weirdo about the whole singing in the summer thing =]

linni said...

always so mean to me :(

amazing said...

japanese game shows freak you out? haha. they're HILARIOUS. much better than american comedy! i have to send you links to some of them, like the episode when these comedians applied medicine for jock itch in its appropriate location (bwahahaha). their reaction to the burning that apparently follows is straight up and down hysterical. care to watch without subtitles? ;P

awwww sleepyhead = grumpy? haha. can't imagine that happening, unless she's being obliterated in sc ;P


Hanh said...

shut up before i stalk you flushieface!

amazing said...

now why would you follow through with such an anti-social act when i'm the ticket to you going to japan one day, and give you the opportunity to karaoke every single night with all the middle-aged "salary men" over there? lol. *hint hint*... *cough cough*...

meanwhile, i'll be chasing girls wearing those cute little school uniforms. OMG they're so cute!!

Hanh said...

i have two things to say to you:

1. You have nothing to do with my opportunity to work for the same company you work for and


amazing said...

hahaha i work closely with HR. we're part HR, so yes, i do have some influence... especially since a lot of people here think of me pretty highly, including the higher-ups =)

and i didn't mean elementary school girls!%!@#$%