Thursday, August 30, 2007


Part 2.

Doesn't that look like i just colored it in with crayons??
I need to learn how to shadow/highlight. Any tips?
I might have to redraw it since the line came out kind of thick... i actually think it looks better smaller.


and then even better...


amazing said...

haha awwww... this is EXACTLY the excuse i use when people ask me why my handwriting's so neat. i tell them it just "looks neat" because i write small. i mean, i didn't get an F in penmanship in first grade for nothing; i got a reputation to live up to =D

on the other hand, your drawing looks awesome! i don't see nothing wrong with the coloring, either. much better than what i can do =) *so proud of sleepyhead* !!!

Megz978 said...

Nice drawing, Hanh! =]

Hanh said...

haha thanks guys.