Friday, August 17, 2007


Part 1.

Dude, I really suck at drawing legs.

I hope I finish this project...


aMAZing said...

WOW! you were serious about wanting to learn how to draw anime? i'd say you really don't need any assistance in that. you're pretty darn good!!

umm... how is it that a viet is better at drawing anime than a japanese though? haha. *scratches head*

amazing said...

where's the update on this masterpiece, homie.

Hanh said...

i'm trying to outline it so it's a one line drawing, not like a sketch... erasing is a bitch.


amazing said...

haha must you make it professional looking? sheesh! i'm actually quite fond of the whole sketch look; i don't know why.

well either way, once you get the whole anime-drawing thing on lockdown, all you gotta do is create a story! maybe about a little girl who's addicted to sc or something ;P