Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The WW of Disney

I'm not much of a t.v. watcher. I saw commercials about High School Musical here and there...but really had no idea what it was all about. Until I went over a friend's house... a friend who has 3 kids and Disney is on almost always.

They did the dance moves to HSM. Cute.

Then Maz (who btw, is wayy older than I am) updates his gchat message to: HSM 2 <3
HSM!? A little old no!?

I believe they target a pre-teen audience. Yes, i'm pretty sure I saw that in the news.

So, finally, I was like whatever- Maz loves corny stuff as well as gangsta stuff... i kind of knew that about him. Shouldn't be a big surprise.

So my boss comes into my office the other day... sits down next to me and says,

"So I saw HSM2 over the weekend......."

Me: "uhhhhhhhhhh......"

edit: wth is wrong with blogger!


amazing said...

awwww a blog entry dedicated to my gchat away message and current love? hahahaha. *feels special* ;P

but see! i'm not the only adult who enjoyed HSM2! granted, i like the first one better... but still, it wasn't that bad of a movie! plus some of the songs are awesome!! i should send you one because i know you like those occasional disney songs =)

BY THE WAY, I'M NOT THAT MUCH OLDER THAN YOU! one year, to be exact~!!

Megz978 said...

Was it really that good? The guy who is in it is on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine...

Anywho. Your dorky brother, Zum, said hello to me via a post on one of my blogs, but when I went to reply to him, it wouldn't let me because it looks like he has a secret special blog that you can't post to...SOOOO. If you talk to him, tell him I said HI.

ALSO, how you doin'?

Megz978 said...

Yeah, I'll play online poker with you.

Vegas will have to wait until after the holy marriage takes place.

Unless it doesn't work out. Then we can go. LOL.