Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I think I've found my sport.

My mom has always been very protective of me. Being a girl, I "shouldn't run around so much" or "play with balls". You know, typical stuff like that... so... I didn't. Well, not that we had balls to play with anyway... but I just never got into sporty stuff, even in school. I sucked in gym class and assumed I was just naturally nonathletic because I was a small asian girl. Good excuse huh?

4th Grade was when i actually started disliking sports. One day at recess when I was NOT playing any sports... I was just walking actually, i got hit in the face with a football. Yes, it hurt, yes I cried. Yes I now had a fear of any flying balls coming towards me.

So that's why I think Golf is my sport. There's no running involved. No outs, no chasing, no catching, no flying balls towards me, no team to bother with, no coach yelling at you, no ugly uniforms and i heard there could be drinking involved.

So over the weekend i got really into trying to hit that damn golf ball. I've played before, but of course i naturally sucked at it. (Swung and miss and hurt my hand.) Well, with some concentration... I think I'm getting the hang of it.... and i actually like it... I'll also actually be getting my own customized clubs soon to fit my damn height.

But seriously, i never knew how hard it was to pivot your wrist.

Oh yeah, does anyone know where I can get Pochacco or Hello Kitty golf club holder thingies?



amazing said...

bwaahaha. i'm sorry about your traumatizing experience of a football smacking into your face, but if you wanna talk about a bad experience with balls, uh, i have a story for you.

back in high school the gym teachers made us play sports as a "class" from time to time. i hated that ish, especially the whole running a mile thing once a week.

but one day the so-called "sport of the day" was volleyball. fine. i'll play it if i'm forced to (or running is the only other option), but i wasn't really interested. as much as i suck, i preferred playing basketball that another class was playing on the other side of the court.

i was staring enviously at the people getting to play b-ball. i wasn't paying attention to the game being played at my side of the court.

next thing i know, i heard a "smack".

the "smack" was the sound of a player from the opposing team serving the ball to my team. then a split second later -- with no time to react in between -- the volleyball ball bounced on the floor a couple of feet in front of me, bounced up, and as if it were a homing missile aimed directly at the one body part a guy does not want to get hit, BOOM. it hit me down there. ball on balls...

naturally, i went down in pain =(

Anonymous said...

its wrist "cock" not pivot.

amazing said...

are you suffering from fatigue or anything? my entire body's feeling sore for some reason today, and i haven't exercised in like a week! i'm exhausted too... and just felt like venting. lol.

*collapses on the desk*

Megz978 said...

To answer your questions, Hanh - there weren't any bridal shops nearby and my parents are getting old. =]

The 1/2 chinese thing? Well, Japanases people are very prejudiced against chinese people and the bride's father was upset that the groom was even HALF chinese - can you believe that??

And for the golfing thing - its good to get out there and hit the sh!t out of balls - I went to a driving range a couple times with Sayan way back when and it was a good way to vent fustrations...And the best part? Is when you use a wedge in the grass - the feeling of it swiping the top of the grass feels neat! =] Good luck with the golf thing - I'm not sure where you can get hello kitty club covers...Better luck with that. =]

twocentsworth said...

hello kitty golf club holder thingies?

what are those? club covers or gloves? they have some driver covers on ebay... as for gloves... i'd just get a white glove and put stickers on it. :-P