Monday, September 10, 2007


I know I'm late with this (t.v. is still broken) but...


I had faith in your crazy psychotic self. You turned me onto POP! You started this! How could you?
Gahwd.... one of the worse.relationships.ever.

p.s. kanye get over yourself.


amazing said...

can't watch the video here at work (i got inside word that they're gonna start monitoring internet usage soon here. ahhhh!!), but britney's the one that turned you on to pop music? haha. i hope it wasn't that "hit me baby, one more time" song =P "sometimes" was a million times better!!

based on the review of some recent britney songs, uh, let's just say i'm too scared to listen to them. the girl used to be so cute. now she's turned into white trash =(

kanye's one cocky mutha... lol. he needs to stay making beats. he comes up with some pretty corny rhymes in his rap!!

Hanh said...

i can't leave comments on blogs anymore. my work place is slowly sucking my internet life away!

don't talk shit about britney!

kanye is more than a cocky emmer effer- he's more of a vagina.

amazing said...

you're friggin' hilarious.

first you were pissed your work banned xanga. then they unbanned it or something. happy sleepyhead, part I. then you got a blogspot account. then you got around to getting on gchat. happy sleepyhead, part II & III. but now they banned comments, yet still allow writing entries? lol. the trials and tribulations of sleepyhead at the workplace -- you should make a movie out of that =P

i'll stop talking shit about britney the day you stop doing the same with HSM =) (on the real though, give some of the songs a chance. i guarantee you'll like them!!)