Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 Hours Later..

So for a few weeks now i've taken many trips to the arts&crafts store, spents many dollars and coupons and so yesterday, i finally sat down to create my first ever card!!

This is the result 2 hours later....

Anyway, dude, i totally suck at measuring, maybe because measuring = math = measuring. something i'm all retarded about. But i actually had fun and i hope i get to imagine more cards so i can create more!
oh yeah also, if i continue to take 2 hours to do each card? I will totally never be able to make a profit out of this. heh.


aMAZing said...

one talent you have that i've always envied is your creativity. you're capable of coming up with the most random-est of things -- something i have a ton of difficulty doing -- and you're often successful. case in point: i think the card came out nice!!

but for every one or two successes, there are the failures. for instance, hanhism? lololol. whatever happened to that?!?!??!?!! =P

Maddy's Daddy said...

wow, that's awesome. you going to sell them to the public soon?