Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A cookie.

Time flies when you're just sitting on your ass watching t.v. and surfing the internets.

So i went home recently and had the duty of picking up my niece. I don't know how or why when i go home for vacation i end up running errands but it's okay, it was nice driving around a city knowing there will be no way in hell i would get lost or be pulled over or end up in a bad neighborhood and get shot at.
Well so i picked up my niece who is now practically 13 years old... okay only 8 years old, but geezus can't these kids slow down with the growing thing? so she runs up into my car and says "hiiiiii aunt 4 i bought you a cookie from the bake sale today!!"

My heart melted... it was so sweet of her! She actually wrapped it up in a napkin and put my name on it as well. Yeah the cookie sucked ass but still, i ate it, the first cookie my niece ever bought me in my entire life. oh oh oh, actually the first thing ever that she's bought me. soon she'll be driving my old ass around and taking ME out to eat dinner! woohooo. growing old has some benefits... maybe.


aMAZing said...

now that the celtics have won (!!), what is there to watch on tv these days? baseball?!

either way, as i was reading your blog right now, when you mentioned that the cookie your niece bought you tasted terrible, the first thought that crossed my mind was "YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTID!!"... hahaha... but you more than made up for it by mentioning how it was the first thing she ever bought you. looks like you were appreciative of it afterall =) *heart melts at the touching story* !

twocentsworth said...

i can't believe you stole the woot monkey...

hanh said...

believe it!