Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quasi access.

My favorite word now is quasi.

But I never really get to use it. How about, sometimes my new job is quasi to slow ice cream death on a hot summer day in a cold office? OR this co-w here is quasi to a 3 year old with no discipline and control on the whine level? does that make any sense?

I get to blog at work now (for now) so i'm going to do it dammit!

First things first, as you can tell - the start of my new job is eeehhhhhhhh... i get headaches from doing nothing for 4 hours and then headaches from staring at pivot tables the next 4 hours. i love me some pivot tables... as my old co-w would say. speaking of excel. Why do people format the whole excelsheet font to be dark blue and bold. How does that make anything look better? there should be a class in how to make things look pretty in excel and word. and i shall teach the class and make one MILLION dollars. *pinky up*
I would call the class Excel Sexy 101.

Okay quick 3 things before i go bask in the sunlight:
1. cheer celtics tonight
2. bleeding love by leona lewis - i've been listening to this song for the past 4 hours... don't know why, there's this part where her voice kind of annoys me. but how romantic is the phrase "keep bleeding love" huh? if i was a single teenager i'd fall for the boy who would sing this to me and then allow him to take me to dennys for a date. yes its THAT rrrrooomantic to me. Also. Leona Lewis does not look pretty to me.
3. Rihanna ain't all that.


aMAZing said...

so your office is similar to mine where the temperature inside is the polar opposite (no pun intended!) of outside?

my gosh, my office is ridiculous. it could be 30 degrees outside, but you end up fantasizing about being on the beach when you're sitting at your desk. and yep, on the flipside, when it's 100 degrees outside like it has been this past week, you just can't wait until lunch time to go sit out in the small park-like area outside the building to stop the shivering. ugh.

as for work, i hate having too much to do and having too little to do. i don't get the mentality of those who like to "do nothing and get paid". i don't care much for their morals, but there's something about being unproductive that annoys the crap out of me. maybe this is the reason why i'm not a fan of movies?!

"bleeding love" by leona lewis a good song. however, romantic? hell naw =P

Hanh said...

Flushie knows a pop song?! I don't believe.

You don't know what romance is, you listen to delilah!