Friday, June 13, 2008


So how freaking awesome was the celtics/lakers game last night huh? Did you hear those stupid commentators talk all this shit about the celtics and then BAM! 3rd quarter comes around and they have nothing left to say but shoot statistics out of their ass. God those commentators annoyed me. Did you also see Pierce do the fake injury crap? Why's he gotta do that all the time? Is that some sort of basketball game "skill" you're suppose to have to help the team score? Also, did you see Ray Allen own that one laker dude on the one on one? Does anyone else think KG is somewhat awkward? ::does the robot dance::

.....aaaand i still think bball is still kinda boring to watch.

I gotta find a new layout for my banner... that crap is bugging me!

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aMAZing said...

yes yes yes! i watched both the first and second quarters of the celtics/lakers game, and i have to admit, after the first quarter i thought boston was done. but they made some runs in the second that made me believe they can win the ballgame... and voila! i wasn't too shocked the following morning when i read the celtics had made a huge comeback to defeat the lakers =) GO BOSTON~!!!

the only b-ball games this season where i had watched it in entirety were the ones where the hornets played, whether it was the playoffs or regular season (usually against the nets or knicks). with all the recent rule changes, combined with the lack of talent on the court and rigging-speculations -- which has been in question for quite a number of years now -- it's difficult for me to watch the game, too. you're not the only one!!

more anime banners coming up?! wow, how shocking!! =P