Monday, July 21, 2008

New Goal?

Life gets boring without goals doesn't it? Especially when you only have looooooonggggterrrmmm goals that will take months and months to accomplish. So anyway, something has come up where i can "work towards" something again. I think I have about 3 - 4 weeks. My goals is: I have to tone up. BUT I'm doing it a different way. I'm freaking lazy, I hate going out of my way to do stuff.. especially when the outcome is a sweaty hot about to die please give me ice cold water now i cannot walk up these stairs to get to my house and pass out hanh. Nope. Hate it. Therefore I've decided I am strictly going to do Tai Chi and Tai Chi only for 3 straight weeks x 7 days equals 21 days. 21 days isn't too long... I'm not sure if it'll help. But we'll see.

I'm also going to be taking notes of what i eat every day to keep track of my eating habits. It'll make me more aware of the bad things i eat and probably the fact that i need to eat more often. and by taking notes i mean blogging.

I don't know if you remember or not but i blogged awhile back about my parents starting a tai chi cult. Well guess who joined that cult? Okay i'm one of those i'll join you ever other month members, but whatevs. Everytime I do tai chi, i feel better. I feel less tense, my back feels better, there's no straining involved, and i actually sweat (but all in the own comfort of my own living room). The tai chi I do is nothing like the american videos they sell. It is weird arm and body movements but totally not like the slow kung fu moves you see on t.v. or youtube.

I kind of want to do ONLY tai chi and eat whatever the hell i want... in moderation of course, but i think because of the short period of time i have and me already being a chubbub because of the lack of self control in drinking coke and eating bad things in the past month i have to cut out the bad stuff. ::sniff sniff:: BUT once August is over and done with i hope to continue the tai chi and eat whatever the heck i want! i have to continue the tai chi because once winter comes my stomach, cheeks, legs naturally expand due to the cold weather. and being the age that i am, it's getting harder and harder to lose weight. Thanks to my friend Dee, I've seen pictures of myself from H.S. when i was GROSSLY PLUMP GAGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggg... i never want to be that way again. even when i'm preggos.

So two main reasons why I'm trying to tone up:

I'm going to do a photo shoot. Yes. A photo shoot. Me, a 26 thousand dollar camera and a red wig. that's all i know for now. and yes, i'm actually practicing my poses. laffs.

I'm a bridesmaid... i had my size zero dress taken in so my dress doesn't fall down and expose my boobies. Anyway, that also means that if i gain any weight i won't even be able to zip up that dress. so i absolutely can not gain any weight.

So that's it... now that i've blogged it i hope i can continue doing what i say i'm going to do! although usually when i blog about something some magical outside forces make me stop doing the certain activity... i.e. when i blog about blogging. heh.

DAY 1!!!!!!!!!
So.. i DID do tai chi today. and today i ate:
Breakfast: ice coffee from dunkn donuts. well, it was more like ice sugar and cream.. yuck... but good at the same time... yet so bad for me
Lunch: not until 3 freaking p.m. I sat in a 3 hour meeting from 11-2.. O.o i'm surprised I didn't pass out. anyway, i had 2 cups of water, lean cuisine... shrimp linguine which was yuck, a yogurt and some gummy bears.
Dinner: salad with ginger dressing. Sushi. I'm actually full? or i'm bloated or something... anyway i feel like i need to poop. so maybe that's a good thing?

okay gonna go poop. gnight!

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aMAZing said...

holy wtf... you're going to be doing a photo shoot? for what magazine? a $26,000 camera is NO JOKE, son! geez! you best to start working out if that'd be the case. hahaha.

strangely enough, my company's currently in the process of some multi-million dollar project... and one of the girls that was just hired a week and a half ago was telling me that she would absolutely LOVE to have a yoga room created in the facility somewhere. lol. she was also talking about tai-chi too =)