Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 7 of

Man i did NOT want to go to work today... like all Mondays... stupid Mondays.
Breakfast: Earl Gray Tea
Lunch: Lean Cuisine
Dinner: gross ass chinese buffet.... yuck. my stomach hurts just thinking about it... at least.. i THINK that's why it hurts. =(

Tai Chi: Did additional 10 reps in the beginning exercises... and stayed longer in the yoga poses... damn it was hot... i gotta remember to change into a tank top the next time i do this.

So it's been "7" days into my workout plan... what are the results like so far?
I really do feel like i "workout" when i do tai chi... although i know i'm not burning as much calories as running, i'm still burning SOME, which is better than NONE. I also think it's helping out with my flexibility and i feel that it is toning up some leg and arm muscles. There's also some good back stretches involved which feel great after sitting in an office chair for 9 hours!
Weight loss = None. I weigh exactly the same as when i first started.

Damn, maybe i should have taken a before and after picture?

next week: it might all go down hill

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