Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Green Tea (1 cup)

Smart Foods... chicken pasta something something... yuck, i think i'm going to stick to lean cuisines.
3 prunes

all my gummy bears... i am never going to buy gummy bears or worms ever again... it makes my tummy hurt.

Thai Food - steamed mussels, pad thai. deeelish!

Did Tai Chi - actually did some of the yoga parts of it... my legs feel uber stretched out and somewhat aches? man i'm out of shape...

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aMAZing said...

i never understood how americans enjoyed eating that gummy bear/worm stuff when i was a kid. not that the japanese ones are that much better (at least the flavor is), but they all taste like... plastic!! and the texture? blegh! if i want something chewy, i'd pop a piece of gum in my mouth!! *anti-gummies*