Thursday, November 30, 2006

Milestone #? - 8 years in the making (yes a repeat post)

I'd like to first start off by saying, Blogger Beta, you disappointed me yesterday. I needed you yesterday, and you just weren't there for me. You were down! You kept telling me to refresh after 30 seconds! I did, again and again. But you didn't care and I thought about my Xanga days and almost went back to it like a bad ex. I didn't. I was good and held strong and now you're here again.

Anyway, a whirlwind of things have been happening lately. Yesterday was unexpectedly my last day of classes. My last day as an undergraduate. Yes, I AM F I N A L L Y DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!
Unexpectedly because I was suppose to have another paper due next Tuesday. However, my professor is a little nutso with assignments and just said to me (after I was done with my final presentation) that I was finito! Complete, no more see you later, just goodbye and good luck.
And just like that my 8 years of on and off dating with classes/courses/school was done. And just like that I'm considered one of the other many Americans who have their Bachelor's degree and am suppose to be making 37% more than my high school graduates without a degree.
But it wasn't just like that. I do remember the half-ass studying, the half-ass paper writing, the staying at work to finish a paper, the presentations, the hating some professors, late night or all nighters, procastinating, the dollars and dollars and dollars spent on courses.

Boy, am I ever glad that it is over.

Now for a MBA? Maybe... If it took me 8 years to finish a 4 year college degree, maybe it'll only take me 4 to finish a 2 year masters program.



honglien123 said...

Congrats! I had my last day of classes today too (for this quarter), unfortunately, I still have a final and two final papers to turn in. Lucky you!

amazing said...

congratulations! wooooo, this causes for a huge celebration. what you gonna be doing this weekend? lol.

you're lucky. i think i might've told you this before, but my friend's college f'd him over. they told him he was supposed to be walking, and then at the last minute, they told him he was missing a few credits. wtf, man. so basically, he has to wait until May to actually walk... which is really messed up.

(i wrote something about "celebration," then i started thinking about food... specifically steak. haha. I WANT STEAK. It's lunch time! ironically, i just LITERALLY heard someone in the HR room right now talking about "cheese steak"... weiiiiiird.)

i'm the master of straying from the topic.

twocentsworth said...

man... lots of dating going on over here... xanga... school... and MBA? :-) congrats on the new blog, looks great!

twocentsworth said...

oops... and congrats on finishing! :-P